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angels and the afterlife

Angels and the Afterlife

Laverne Stewart

“Angels and the Afterlife” is a compilation of short testimonies written by Laverne Stewart. When Ms. Stewart phoned me from Canada three years ago and asked if she could interview me, I sincerely thought that she was not going to use the content afterward, because the conversation became a bit conflictual. She is of the belief that angels are spirit guides, that we can call and have do things on our behalf. I explained that Biblically Angels are messengers of the Lord and that He alone is our guide through life. I found Ms. Stewart to be embracing a number of non-biblical beliefs and was assertive in explaining that I had a contrary view.

The conversation ended and I thought that was the end of the idea, however, a year later I received an email explaining that in two chapters different things I had told her in the interview were being published. This would include my name and most of what we spoke of. I have to say after reading the segments she did an accurate job in quoting me and so I am glad that a Christian witness is nestled in the middle of this deception. Now at least people interested in Angels will be presented with a biblical, truthful theology of them.

coincidence or goincidence

Coincidence or Godincidence

Steve Rose

“Coincidence or Godincidence” is also a compilation of short stories of miracles and what Steve likes to call “God Sightings” or “Godincidences”. In two of the segments he uses stories from my life. At some point the book has been prepped for a television series.

I met Steve one afternoon in my then book store, The Carpenter, on main Street in Little Chute. He had heard of the story when I had a vision and was given a message for the church and then was healed from all of the damage that two prior heart attacks had caused. During our interview I told him of a story that happened while I was working on staff in Teen Challenge and he used that testimony as well. Copies can be purchased on Amazon. This book is great for new believers and a fun quick read that leaves you with goose bumps and a desire to know God at a deeper level.

loved: stories of forgiveness


Rebecca St. James

Young men and women who have fallen away and then rediscovered the love of Christ, speak of God’s forgiveness and healing abilities in these stories of modern-day prodigals. Some follow a path much like Jesus’ parable, turning their backs on family and faith in exchange for money and power. Some slip into a more subtle slide away from faith, allowing doubt or apathy to pull them away from who they are. Some make huge mistakes and are forced to pay painful penalties. Yet each story has the positive ending of a life saved by Jesus Christ. Each story offers hope of renewal and restoration. Written for all those who fear that God can’t or won’t forgive them for what they did, LOVED is a book of hope.

I was interviewed for this book in 2007. The names have been changed to protect the guilty but I’m in there!

my father maker of trees

My Father, the Maker of the Trees

Eric Irivuzumugabe

Found in a number of places in Eric Irivuzumugabe’s book, “My Father Maker of the Trees, How I Survived the Rwandan Genocide” are bits and pieces of how visions and words from the Lord directed me to Eric and to helping him get his story told to the world.

In 1994, 16-year-old Eric Irivuzumugabe climbed a cypress tree and remained there for 15 days without food or water. He wasn’t trying to win a bet with his friends–he was attempting to save his life. Eric is a survivor of the 1994 Rwandan genocide that claimed the lives of 1 million people in just 100 days. In the midst of indescribable loss, and without a job, a home, or an education, Eric was determined to start a new life for himself and his two surviving brothers. My Father, Maker of the Trees is the story not only of his physical survival, it is the story of his spiritual rebirth and the role he is playing in the healing and redemption of his land and people. His incredible account will show readers the reality of evil in the world as well as the power of hope. Eric’s message of God’s relentless love through our darkest circumstances will encourage and inspire.