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Wellspring Begins

In 2011, just after returning from Rwanda, I welcomed a few friends over to pray for the area that we live in in Wisconsin. 

We continued to meet every Wednesday evening and the group grew quickly.  My husband, Douglas, returned from Rwanda and joined us a few weeks after the kids and I had returned.  Soon after this, we needed to get the young people that we were leading to the Lord into a church.

As we prayed about where to go, Douglas heard from the Lord to begin to preach, so we started holding services in our living room every Sunday.

Both Douglas and I have degrees in Pastoral Studies and are ordained with the International Assemblies of God, but were working as missionaries up to this point. When we heard the call to start the church, we were ready although a bit hesitant.

In October of that same year, through a number of straight-up miracles, we moved into a small former Greek Orthodox church and began Wellspring at the Cross church.

In May of that following year, we moved into the beautiful building on the Fox River, where we remain in Combined Locks.