Weekly Sermons Preached at the Church

This was the first sermon Douglas preached in our new gathering that later became known as “Church”.  For the record, the first service included: Frederica and Craig Doriot and their three children; Elvin and Brenda Blair and their two girls; the Pirkey’s and our two younger ones; Elias’ friend Quin Stuyvenburg; Tim and McKenna Stephani; Jennifer LeCloux; Jodi Jimenez; Gabe Bergen and Barb Kopitzke. Let us know what you think. To follow all of the current sermons preached at the Church click this link.  https://vr.shapeservices.com/recordings.php  They will be updated weekly.  If you have any trouble with the links please shoot me a message and I’ll see what I can do.  Vr+ is new to me so we are still working out the kinks.
Douglas Pirkey preaching in our living room on May 20, 2012 about how the church is lacking real love in Corinthians and today
Joie Pirkey speaking on the Plumb line and the Big Room dreams and visions that helped forge what the Lord was designing in building this work. This was on July 22, 2012 and can be downloaded as a podcast from the link above.


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