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Part II: Response to Investigation of Sexual Abuse

Grace Report Video II.

IV. Assessment of Behavioral Misconduct and Emotional Abuse Allegations Against Bill Lenz

In this second video, I cover the toxic culture at CtR, Bill’s control over the Elders, and his inappropriate behavior with women.  I also briefly cover that Bill threatened a staff member with suicide because he was not getting his way regarding a serious decision being made by the Elders.


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Refutation of “Modeling God”

“Lenhart’s theological teaching (in the book “Modeling God” by John Lenhart) fundamentally denies core tenants of the Christian faith. Similar to other “quasi-Christian” theological offerings such as Mormonism or ancient Gnosticism, Lenhart’s theology presents a fundamentally different god than the God of the Bible, and offers a completely non-Biblical theological perspective for sin and God’s gift of salvation. As such “Modeling God” must be placed outside the bounds of what is considered fundamentally “Christian.”

The Grace Report

In May of 2022, I posted an article entitled, “My Personal Abuse Story in the Church”. In response, Christ the Rock Community Church hired G.R.A.C.E. (Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment) to investigate the allegations.

Here is the final Report.

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