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20 Years Later~ A Trip Through the Genocide Memorial in Kigali ~ by Craig Doriot

1920557_10201240081998792_1127058591_nOn Wednesday, we visited the memorial to learn about the genocide history from the perspective of the Rwandans, which is quite different from the Western and Hollywood spin on it.


This country had lived in peace for many centuries with a simple monarchy and tribal leadership. When the Germans and Belgians attempted to colonize it, they met resistance against their push for domination, as Rwanda was very structured and unified. Over the period of decades, these Western nations successfully employed divide and conquer strategies to wear down their sense of nationalism and push it towards civil war, likely to move it towards control of the globalists.


1186905_10201240082078794_1470698814_nAccording to the genocide memorial, the German colonizers first attempted to establish division through class warfare. The minority of leaders, wealthy and aristocracy were labeled Tutsis (whether they were actually of the tutsi ancestry or not), based on having 10 cows or more. The overwhelming majority did not have this kind of wealth, so they were considered Hutus. This kind of “class” division had been effective in creating wars for the previous century in Western nations (think French Revolution), but apparently didnt get much traction in Rwanda.


Failing in this and following other Western movements, the colonizers (Germany, Belgium and the Catholic Church) then introduced eugenics, which proved to be quite successful in bringing about division. Using the “latest scientific theory” as their foundation, they declared that the fewer, wealthier tutsis were a “superior race” than the hutus, although in fact it is difficult to make this kind of distinction based on physical differences. The Catholic church declared that the tutsis were descendants of Ham and therefore somehow naturally superior. ID cards were issues to distinguish between these “races”, based on physical characteristics, like length of nose, and even siblings from families were given different genetic labels based on their characteristics. Because these fewer tutsis were declared superior, they were given all of the power and cows were even taken from the “lower” hutus and handed over to their tutsi neighbors.


christmas_letter2011_image7The Catholic Church and world powers (like the League of Nations and colonizers) then sharply reversed course under the guise of “social justice” and taught these “oppressed” hutus that they now needed liberation from their tutsi brothers. A Catholic priest created a “10 commandments” for hutus that preached a message of hate and revenge and dehumanization, a message that was eventually tailored into the main hate propaganda of the 1994 genocide.


1962685_10201240082118795_1138084113_nIf this sounds familiar to other world genocides, perhaps it is because its the same playbook that the Nazis used to dehumanize and alienate the wealthy, minority Jews that unified Germany by demonizing and exterminating the “enemy within”. Interestingly, the Jesuits (sect of Catholic priests) played a very significant role in those genocides as well, even directly overseeing some of the worst concentration camps.


It wasnt long before the hutu majority introduced a fascist regime, funded completely by western governments, and began to take genocidal revenge against tutsis. Hutu extremists established a fascist youth army based on radical hate ideology and trained them how to effectively massacre without conscience. Several small-scall genocides, all by hutu extremists against the tutsis, occurred between WW2 and the ’94 genocide.


Leading up to the massacre that killed over a million tutsis in ’94, the signs and pleas for help were well-known on the international stage, especially at the United Nations. Specific details of the genocide plans were being leaked and genocidaires were even boasting about what was coming. United Nations had minimal well-armed troops stationed in Rwanda that were superior to the machete-wielding hutus, but in response to Dallaire’s request for 5,000 additional troops, the UN actually asked him to withdraw, which he refused to do.


1970436_10201240082278799_34984899_nThe hutu president’s plane was shot down and his successors executed, events consistent with what was previously leaked that proved the trigger mechanism that mobilized the hutu extremists to begin exterminating the tutsi “cockroaches”. Leading up to this, the media (radio and newspapers) had been campaigning hate speech nonstop, promoting anger and violence against the tutsis, and then used this event to ignite the genocide. America, under Bill Clinton, refused to call it a genocide and the world essentially sat on its hands as the hutus largely exterminated the tutsi population in Rwanda, along with moderate hutus that would not join in the killings.


Tutsis and moderate hutus had trained an external army called the RPF in neighboring countries, and swept in under current president Kagame to eventually defeat the hutus and chase the genocidaires. The French (and UN?), meanwhile, had setup a protection area in the south, under the guise of offering protection for all, but in reality was used by the genocidaires to escape the country (much like the Nazi rat lines and “operation paperclip”).


10003432_10201240082558806_761707731_nSince genocide, Rwanda has been building and growing under relative peace, promoting the unity of hutus and tutsis under the current regime, led by the Protestant leader of the RPF, Paul Kagame. However, many of the genocidaires have not only been protected by the international community and allowed to regroup, but they are actually criticized for being supported and given power to rebuild in neighboring countries like the Congo, under peace-keeping UN programs like MONUSCO (though hearing mixed reports on this). I will speak more about this in my next post about Hotel Rwanda, which is kind of a falsified Western spin that turns Hutu extremist sympathizer Paul Rusesabagina from genocide profiteer to hero.


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9 years ago

Joie Pirkey
I greet you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, I thank God when I see the work you are doing in Rwanda, I even emailed you!
God bless you

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