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“You are seeking in the shadows but only finding evil. Unless you yield to the light you will never be really free. You must be a slave to the light to be free from all darkness.”

From a dream the Lord gave me on March 14, 2014~

Husstle Busstle of Nehru Park in South Delhi - Children, Families, Cricket, Couples, Romance, Picnic, Socializing etc (2 of 11)I saw some things I would rather not have seen. The dream began with a group of people hanging out in a park. Some were dancing, some were chatting, some were doing this weird sort of meditation thing that included a weird look in their eyes as if they were absent from their bodies. As I walked through the park I noticed that there were people playing baseball in one corner and I thought that I might like to join them but as the ball rolled up to my feet and I reached for it and an angel that looked like a regular man blocked my hand. I looked up at him oand said, “Let me throw it back. I can throw it that far.” I was wanting to pick it up and throw it back to the pitcher because it was far and I wanted to show everyone that I was good at throwing. He shook his head and said, “not for you.” I took a few steps further and a woman and young man approached me. They seemed really nice and intelligent and wanted to talk about philosophical things. They were taking me through the reasons why being free as these park people were was desirable and like the highest good for living. It made sense what they said and I could feel the pull to be my own Lord and do my own thinking. It was like a temptation to be the most important person in my life and to be living in my own desires whatever they would be.

Not Partaking in the “Freedoms”

As we walked I approached the fence to the park. People began to notice that I was not partaking in the “freedoms” that they were participating in. I noticed two people who were meditating, they looked as if they had left their bodies. There were others around them doing yoga moves hoping to get to this same spiritual place. I felt a swoosh of evil move from behind them to the front of me and I rebuked it but I could feel this pull to enter into this “freedom” that they kept talking about. I was watching them and thinking that they seemed evolved and new agey and like they had been woken up from regular life and were free to be whoever they desired to be, to do whatever they desired to do within the construct that they viewed as good.

The Revelation:

Woman standing in front of gate, rear view

Then as I walked to the place where the gate was that left the park and as I approached it that same woman began to ask me questions that lead me to consider this lifestyle. Questions that brought me through the ideas that were the foundation of their belief. As she did this I kept glancing back at the meditators. It wasn’t like I wanted to join them at all, it was more like I was being allowed to understand the pull for them to partake in it and what it not so obviously meant. It literally was people swimming in their own headship, their own ways, their own desires.

Finally I spoke. This was the strange part because I wasn’t thinking before or as I spoke. What I mean is that it was as if I was watching a movie about myself and was listening to my own words not knowing what was coming next. I began by saying something like,

“Let’s just say that all souls were in some sort of pool of consciousness…” I knew this wasn’t true but I was trying to get them to think through another scenario of truth beginning with their own beliefs. When I said this the woman and her male friend behind her both smiled and got excited as if I too were “waking up”.

“All of the souls were in the same place and then some were sent to earth as seers. “

At that word seers I thought the word Prophets but said seers.

shadow life
shadow life

“These seers were born into darkness but could see the darkness and knew of the light~ where others did not even know they were in darkness because it was all they knew.”

They both nodded.

“The seers began to seek the light and to understand it but found that to have pure light, real light, not just the shadows of light, they would have to loose their freedom. They would have to yield to the light.”

They nodded again.

“So many seers lived in the shadows and tried to lead people to the light but were not willing to give up “freedom” to have the light.

“That is where you are.”

“You are seeking in the shadows but only finding evil. Unless you yield to the light you will never be really free. You must be a slave to the light to be free from all darkness.”

The woman backed up from me. Others crowded in and were trying to hear. As they did this I felt like I was in danger and I was horrified. Somehow I could see that these people were actually in the church, believers who were in different forms of rebellion. They were people pretending to be free but glorying in their own ways. It frightened me very deeply and I woke up.


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Wendi S.
Wendi S.
7 years ago

What is being done in the park creates Bondage that appears and feels as though it is Freedom. I and many others have experienced the true Freedom in Worshiping only Jesus after repenting from our past worship and acts like those done in the park in your dream. True Freedom is in Jesus the Lamb.

3 years ago

Is your name pronounced “Joy”?

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