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Angels in Shekinah Kimisagara Restoration Church

In 2008 I was speaking at Restoration Church in Kimisagara Kigali Rwanda.  I and a fellow minister were each sharing.  The Spirit of God was evident in that service and just after the worship I went to the back to snap this shot because there were so many angels I couldn’t believe it.  The one up in the center was so large and so bright I wanted to see if it would show up.  Often during and directly after a worship service angels pour in like this shot shows.

I wanted to show this particular picture because the orb you see to the right of the front door is not in fact an angel but reflection off the rain.  You can see this type of orb from rain and snow.  Notice how the reflection is shadowed by a more transparent orb behind the larger one.  And also how the entire center is filled and not patterned like the others.  This is a typical Rwandan house in the villages.

This is a small orb just above the heads of the children in the center as they dance in worship for us on the land that we purchased and the “Church Without Walls” exists on.  This is an interesting shot because there is no moisture in the air, no direct sun light to reflect and no flash and yet it appears quite clearly.  This is one of three choirs that the Church has.

This picture was taken at the Annual Humura Conference for Orphans of the Tutsi Genocide in 2011 that we sponsor and minister at each year in Rwanda.  The Traditional Rwandan Dancers here are worshiping Imana for His ability to help us forgive and for saving the young Rwandans in the full house audience.

When Douglas snapped this shot of the Pastor and I after we preached at the Church on the land I teased him because the angel on me was bigger than the angel on him.  He was amazed, a bit freaked out, blessed, encouraged and laughing because I was teasing. But then after he got his composure he noticed his angel was brighter than mine!  LOL.  Do you like his suit?  A number of super cool suits were donated to the Pastors by my brother in law who sells them in the States.

Again the above three shots are taken at the Restoration Church in Kimisagara Kigali during the worship time in the service.

In one of the pics taken in Kigali where we were staying this bright flash appeared seen on the right.  I was asking Douglas to point at it.  Look at the picture at the top of this screen and also posted below you can see Douglas standing there pointing at it as I was directing him.  This was in the court yard after the worship service at the complex we were staying at while interviewing people for “My Father Maker of the Trees”.  If you look closely  at the shot to the right you can see two angels below the bright flash.  I am careful about what I call this bright light caught here because I am not certain this is an angel or if it is the Holy Spirit.  When I see the Holy Spirit in a vision this is often how He looks.  These shots were taken in 2007, Kigali, Rwanda, Africa.  I feel that this shot of Douglas pointing at the bright light is one of the most remarkable that I have ever taken.  Notice that he is pointing directly at it.  The angels seem to dart around rather quickly however this bright flash staid put long enough for me to direct Douglas exactly and then get the shot.


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