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Pointing at Angels in Winnipeg, Canada

I took a trip with my family to Winnipeg, Canada to see my sister Jackie and her family this past March.  While we were there we began to discuss the Orb/Angels that I see.  I was telling her all about an artist from Texasnamed Max Griener, who has been in contact with me about the orbs.  In the course of the conversation she asked me if I ever see any of these angels in her house.  So I told her that I did and that they were usually above her living room sofa and around the door that leads to her basement and her back yard.  She asked if I saw any just then.  There was a large one by the top of the entry door so we got out my camera and took a picture.  She began to ask me a number of questions about how I see them.  It can be difficult to understand because I can see them with my eyes opened and closed.  As we discussed this, more came into the room and they were staying in one place.  Often they dart around and disappear quickly.  I told my daughter Sophie to go over by the door and then directed her to point at one above her head.  It was funny because she kept going too far in one direction and then too far in another.  When I got her to be as close as possible I snapped the shot that you see here.

Here is what Jackie has to say about this experience:  “I believe it because you tell me.  And then I believe it because you take a picture of it and I can see it.  I have always believed you about it.  When you showed me the picture of Sophie, I felt assured.  Assured that God is with me and that He is here.”  Jackie Vigier 7 June 2007


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Pamela Mayer
Pamela Mayer
8 years ago

I am in NC and just the other night took an IPhone video of the sunset on top of our beach house deck. I saw just the background of the sunset and the ocean just as I was taking it but then after I viewed it on the IPhone – wow, this this yellow ball comes from the right kind of going a bit off a straight like as it crosses over the setting sun – it turns into this red umbrella shape then eye shape then turns back into the yellow ball and moves then quicker than the video out of view to the left. All very clearly seen on the video.
We just lost my mother in law a non believer just a week before and was just talking about her just minutes before this video was shot.
I would love to send you this video as I just keep watching it over and over.

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