Contending for Biblical Missiology

joie preachingIn September, 2007 the Lord began to speak to me about pigeonholing Christianity with Islam.  He said that leaders of the church, were already beginning to publicly postulate that Islam was, in effect, quite like Christianity. They would proceed to give examples of our similarities and begin to, and He used the term, “pigeonhole”, Christianity with Islam. This in effect would erode the line of demarcation between Islam and Christianity and He said that He “hates this.”  In July of 2009 I posted the prophecy on my Facebook wall and shortly afterwards someone from Christ the Rock Community Church in Menasha, whom I did not know, called to inform me that a conference teaching this very idea was about to be held on August 21 there.  She said that the conference was not being publicized but was by invitation only.  The prayer group that she was attending at CTR became concerned about the non-biblical elements in this new method for missions and had the woman audio record the conference so they could listen for themselves hoping to alleviate their concerns.  She was the only one from the group who had been invited. After the Friday night session she called me again very upset.  She explained that it was worse than she had thought and was willing to give me the audio recordings so that we could look at them from a theological perspective.  I had been preparing a newsletter exposing this teaching and wanted to add a few quotes from the actual conference.  The only thing that I could find online at the time about the subject was a refutation written by a man named Jay Smith from Europe. I sent out a series of newsletters then exposing the content of the conferences and what the Lord had been speaking to me about it when a man named Adam Simnowitz, a missionary from MN contacted me and encouraged me to connect with another missionary to Muslims named Josh Lingle out in CA.  Josh is the President of i2 Ministries. They had been preparing a conference addressing the Insider teachings and were very interested in my recent newsletters.  Adam and Josh had been working to create a network of missionaries and ministries that were willing to take a stand against IM and included me in October of 2009.  From there we were joined by a number of ministries and decided to create a group named the Biblical Missiology Society.  We met a few times via phone in conference calls speaking to missionaries on the field who were wrestling these issues in their homelands and the countries the ministered in.  The group developed quickly changing the name to Biblical Missiology and short: Bib Miss.

From the Bib Miss site:

BiblicalMissiologyWebsiteHeaderBiblical Missiology has unofficial members representing dozens of organizations. Each member is able to contribute and partake in discussions concerning the application of biblical missiology.

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