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Given Summer of 2000

This was a dream that began with people dressed in white robes.  They were walking about not speaking to each other.  There was a weird light over their heads, like focused sunshine.  I realized that it was a dream from the Lord and asked who were these people.  A voice said that there was going to be a great split in the church.  I knew that the voice was referring to the Catholic Church.  Then that sense was confirmed because He said that the Pope was ‘holding the peace’.  What I understood this to mean was that there was a tide of evil being held back by this Pope.  The voice then said that when this Pope dies a great split will occur.  This split would have something to do with the apparitions of Mary and the beliefs of individual Catholics regarding the Eucharist.  But a flood is coming.  I understood this to mean locally.  Not just the Fox Valley but that actually Little Chute would be the center of it and it would flow like a river to the state and outward.  In the dream I knew why it would start in Little Chute but when I woke up I could not remember and could not understand why I thought that I knew.

As I began to pray about this dream I remembered when I was really little, about five years old, I heard a voice in my room.  It told me about Christians bringing rocks out of the Fox River and building a ‘temple’ to the Lord.  This ‘temple’ was the foundation of St. John’s church.  Somehow this pleased God and He was blessing St. John’s because of it.  It was very clear to me that the flood that is coming will hit the Catholic Churches as well.  I can recall having difficulty believing that any Catholic Church in the Fox Valley would split or break up or cease to exist.  They have always been so stable yet that’s what the Lord was impressing upon me.


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