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Devil in the Schools and Churches

Given May of 2001

Dream: I was running frantically inside of a high school, looking for some place to hide.  Students and teachers were also dashing about creating mayhem. The door to the class room that I was in was pushed open.  A tall man, very dark, stepped in.  He was wearing a large dark trench coat.  He looked around.  I was standing in plain view but he didn’t seem to notice me.  He looked both ways and left.  While he stood in the doorway an overwhelming sense of evil filled the room.  I was wondering who he was.  I followed him out the door into a hallway.  Students were scurrying trying to hide, trying to get out, trying to find friends.  For some reason no one could leave the building or enter it.  We knew people were outside but they could not come in to help.  Again in the hallway the dark man looked in my direction but did not see me.  A voice from behind me said, “He can’t see you. / You are safe.”  It was at that moment that I realized that this was a dream from the Lord.  I followed this ‘man’ to an area where four hallways meet and a stairwell filled the center.  You could look over the railing down to the first floor.

A young student, very small, was running past the dark man.  He grabbed the student by the calf and lifted him effortlessly above his head.  The man made eye contact with me for a second and then actually bit a large chunk of flesh out of the boy’s thigh and threw him over the railing.  I knew he was the devil then.  The horror of seeing such a thing startled me so much that it woke me up.

Immediately I heard a voice behind me on the right hand side say, “As much as you can believe that the devil is in the schools is as much as you need to believe that he is now going to the churches.”  That was all the voice said.  With it came a knowing that the horrendous school shootings that had been plaguing our nation for the past 24 months were now over and that the churches were about to change drastically.


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