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Douglas Preaches at “The Church Without Walls”
IMG_0006Douglas preached this past Sunday at the land that we purchased and “The Church Without Walls” resides on. Mydear Eugiene was interpreting and did an excellent job! The entire service was amazing. One part of Douglas’ sermon was explaining the drink offering that Paul is speaking about in Philippians.  He explained that in the Old Testament they would heat a large stone with very hot fire until it was smoking.  Then they would take a valuable and pricey wine  that was contained in a large golden bowl.  Then when the stone was very hot they would pour the wine onto it. The site was amazing.  Crackling steam and winy smoke rose up.  The Bible says this wine steam rises up into the throne room of God as a sweet aroma that pleases Him.  Paul speaks about his life being one such poured out offering for the Church.  And then Doug spoke about our lives not being our own and when we die to ourselves and allow Christ to live through us often our offering is costly and even painful but it is pleasing to Him.  IMG_0013It was a great sermon.  Doug’s best I think.  And the congregation seemed blessed and encouraged and moved.  What a great day! The Pastor asked Zeb to pray for the children in the church and Zeb popped right up and prayed for them.  Then he asked me to bless the Church and I recived a word from the Lord for them and they responded very loudly and even the Pastor came after and affirmed that word was what the Church needed.  The choirs and the decor and the people all squished in because of lack of room and chairs made for a memorable event.


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Patrick Boyer
Patrick Boyer
13 years ago

I love when the Pirkeys have a great day and God was honored in the midst of it all.

13 years ago

Twas a VERY good day. (And didn’t my baby look handsome!)

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