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Given Early 2001

In the dream I walked into the gym where a local church meets.  The lighting was changed from a dull golden light to a bright white light.  Tables were set up in the back of the gym like some fair or missions thing was going on.  The chairs filled the gym and were split in two sections directly in front of the door.  I greeted the pastor’s wife and knew that there was some sort of serious trouble brewing with the congregation.  There were some other details that are not appropriate to share at this time.  Then I was told to tell the pastor that it was important to get elders established in the church so that they would be ready for the flood that was coming.  The flood is the mass amount of people who will be coming to the church because of the wave of the Holy Spirit that is going to hit the Fox Valley.  The church did not have established elders at the time of the dream.  People coming would be from the other churches splitting up and also a mass of people newly converted.


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