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Abortion Industry Exposed

Foundations are Cracking/ Abortion Industry Exposed

As I began the day, seemingly from out of nowhere I started sensing that something ominous was coming. As I began to seek, I asked the Lord about the Roe vs Wade decision that was announced yesterday. I asked if it was a spiritual victory. I was asking if something had shifted spiritually when they decided to overturn it, did something happen spiritually? Did we win a huge battle of some sort?
Around those questions is where it felt like this ominous feeling was hovering.
The Lord began to reveal that something very terrible is going to be revealed because of it. Something about Planned Parenthood is going to come to light now and we’re going to see some very very horrible things be exposed. I could see, as a vision, that Planned Parenthood packed up and ran because they knew it was coming. It feels like God is revealing that something very terrible is about to be exposed.
Some things were transpiring under the Planned Parenthood banner that we were not aware of. It is imminent and important to say.
As I asked different questions no answers came but I got the sense that this would rock our communities to the point of wanting to burn those buildings down. To that degree of turmoil.
God is revealing the hearts of men.
Did you watch how people stood up and embraced abortion very passionately these past few days? Now some things are going to be exposed. God is lifting the skirt to show how evil this is, while so many people embrace this horror with their whole hearts and passion, now they will have to look at how evil it is.
I asked if this is a big victory in the spiritual realm, He said, something very foundational has been dislodged in the spiritual realm.
He wants us to be aware of what is exposed. I began seeing a sort of green smoke.
Sinful actions created a foundation, a firm spiritual ground, where the devil had a strong foothold. This ruling has cracked this foundation and has dislodged evil. The firm footing of the enemy has been cracked open and now they are searching for their footing again.
The Lord is showing me that we as a culture have been sitting on so much evil. We have been placating and hiding, and keeping silent, and lying so that evil can remain in place. But he is dislodging these things and as He does the stench is coming up. He is exposing things and all of us have been a part of covering it up in one way or another.
He is saying that our silence has packed down evil into our foundation. Our silence has been the actual conduit to keep this evil in place and our silence actually feeds this evil. It has been our silence that has created the means by which evil can/has grown. And God is breaking up that soil. He is breaking up that hard ground!
He is saying the word ‘plum shed’. Plum shed. It is a watershed moment and a plumb line moment. He is exposing where people stand. People are choosing a place to stand without realizing what they’re choosing because they are choosing by their heart and not their mind. Choosing by their mind is fueled by understanding and perceiving the outcome of what they say they believe but in these days He is exposing what they truly believe without giving them the ability to see the consequences beforehand. Are they standing plumb?
Are you standing plumb?
The exposure of the abortion industry is a part of exposing what is really in this dry dry ground.
My spirit is yelling break it up! break it up! break it up!
But the fumes are deadly.
The fumes are part of the cloud. The cloud is part of the storm.
Speak the truth in love and hold fast to the rock of your salvation.


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