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Eric Irivuzumugabe and The Maker of Trees

Eric Irivuzumugabe and Joie PirkeyHey guys!  Big heads up and Praise Report!!!!  Baker Publishing House has signed the contract with Eric Irivuzumugabe and Author Tracey Lawrence for the book that they are writing about Eric’s testimony!!!  So the real work begins.  Tracey and I are planning a trip to Rwanda this early January so that we can interview both Eric and the people involved in his story.  I will also be ministering in local churches and on the Hope for Rwanda land with the orphans that live there.  We will be visiting Eric’s orphans as well and working on plans for the April conference during the time of National Mourning for the survivors.

Baker is hoping to get Eric’s book finished and published in 2008.  So far the title will be “Maker of Trees”.  For those of you who are not aware Eric hid in a pine tree during the last 15 days of the genocide.  The tree saved his life.  Causes you to think of the second tree that saved his spiritual life doesn’t it?  The Cross!!!

Please keep us all in your prayer during these next few months.  It will be a monumental project and it will take enormous strength on Eric’s part.


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16 years ago

Congratulations to you and Eric!!!!

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