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I just came down stairs and will attempt to pull myself together enough to write what the Lord just showed me.  I have been weeping to the point of vomiting and have not been able to call a friend and process this yet but I feel this enormous urgency to get this out to the world (Or at least the States).  Here is what I saw:

In a vision, for only a few seconds, I saw a small child maybe as old as 8 but not younger than 5 lying flat on her back (this child was so beautiful and fine yet it could have been a male, I’m not sure of the gender).

The child looked to be immersed in some sort of fluid that was not water but was see through and colorless like water is.  Her eyes were wide open but seemed lifeless.  I also noticed what looked like maybe mold or decay of some sort around the right side of her right cheek and ear.

Suspended there for only a brief moment, I looked at her intently.  “Is this child dead?”  I asked.  In an audible voice inside my mind I heard the reply, “No.”  I was confused because it looked very much as if she had been lying there for quite some time.  Then the horrifying thought gripped me that maybe some psychotic killer was holding this child somewhere.

(To some of you, my reaction may seem odd but I have seen other people in odd situations and then asked the Lord about them.  I would later hear that the person I saw was actually in such a predicament. For example I saw an older boy lying on his back with one leg crossed over the knee of the other beside a large incline/hill.  He was in the woods and under the stars and all alone.  I asked the Lord where he was and if anyone would find him.  The Lord told me that the dogs would find him in the morning and that he would be fine.  The next day on the news we hears this same story about a Boy Scout found near his camp).

images-1I asked the Lord where this child lying in this fluid was and He replied, “In the United States.”  When I asked where in the United States He simply answered “Everywhere.”  At first my mind searched for some understanding.  Everywhere?  Was this “killer” leaving children in this state of being half dead in these liquid filled round containers in multiple location?  The child was in a shallow see through, maybe glass or see through plastic, round container.

Then the Lord began to very quietly speak to me.  Softly and slowly He told me that there would be a genocide in the U.S. of these children and that there was nothing that anyone could do.  These children, He said, are very small.  When He said that, I knew that they were fertilized eggs.  He said, “they are my children and I see them.”  This decay begins and it cannot be stopped and then the scientists tell the parents that the eggs have expired.  Then they are killed.  This is happening all over the United States.”  The thousands that are alive as I write this will not be saved.  There is nothing that anyone can do.  I felt my mind trying desperately to disengage and say, “Oh He’s talking about those eggs…NOT CHILDREN…NOT CHILDREN with beautiful skin and loving eyes and brown hair to their shoulders…NOT CHILDREN…. we are not psychopathic murders like they have in foreign countries who shove sewing needles into babies because they are female like I saw on the news yesterday morning…we are not like that here in the U.S….and as I fought to avoid what was welling up I could feel the Holy Spirit and how He was feeling about this, like a mother whose sick child is beyond help, who lies dying before her and there is nothing that can be done.

What have we done?  What  are we doing?  What have we allowed to continue?

God convict us, bring us to repentance.  And please forgive us.


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16 years ago

When we were at the call in Nashville there was a lot of discussion about abortion… If you’d like to read my synopsis of the day it’s on our website under “The Call” I was persuaded that revival in America is very tied to the end of abortion.

Incredible blog Joie.

Tracey Lawrence
Tracey Lawrence
16 years ago


Ya know, I agree. Abortion is the evil we have never yet won in America and because of that we continue to spiral downward in our view of the sanctity of life. Cloning, embryonic stem cell research, in vitro fertilization all kill embryos, which according to even science: life begins at conception. Lord, have mercy on us and show us what we can do!

16 years ago

I can’t stop thinking about this… It really touches my heart. As a woman who struggles with infertility, I know the pain of not being able to conceive children. There are many choices for dealing with the lack of control one feels in this situation.

Ultimately, who is and should be in control?

As a society, we have given priority to our plans for our lives and given God’s plans the back seat, to be looked for when we can’t make things work out. This is one of the results. Loving people are willing to discard voiceless children…in an effort to love and nurture just one.

I personally want to repent of all the times I choose my way over God’s way. Joie, thanks for sharing this message from God.

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