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MyDear went shopping for food at the market. She gets everything in kilos and then puts it into big cloth sacks.  She sends them home with a moto driver and he comes up to the gate and drops them off with the guard.  Then they pour the contents out on the kitchen floor and often leave the potatoes and others that are dirty out in the back to be cleaned by the afternoon rain.  When I first walked in and saw this it was shocking.  Kind of crazy to see everything spread out on your floor and nothing in a bag or can!  The food you see in this picture costs about $5.00.  The market for fresh food is the only cheap thing in Rwanda.


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Jackie vigier
Jackie vigier
13 years ago

Yum yum and I’m coming to lose some weight!!!! Hahahahah now that’s grocery shopping..throw it on the floor and go!!!!,hahahahah love it!!

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