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Civic announcements will begin under some 'helpful' pretense but the underlying motive is to make people accountable to whatever kind of control the government is about to enforce.

IMG_0843I had this like, I don’t know what to call it, mini vision, this morning. These kinds of visions come like a glimpse into the future about something that doesn’t exist yet.  And then sometime a message is included like avoid this or fight this or do not get involved in this. This one was that we should be concerned when the government creates a way to send out updates of changes in rules, regulations, and laws immediately because things will begin to change so quickly.  These announcements were called civic something~( like a civic notice, or Civic update, or civic announcement~ something like that).  These will begin under some ‘helpful’ pretense but underlying the motive is to make people accountable to whatever kind of control the government is about to enforce.

What came to mind right after it was over was that they will come in a text or notification through social media like Facebook or Twitter but have their own App that will be mandatory on every device to make everyone accountable to these immediate changes but I think that part was my own thinking and not the vision part.


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Craig Doriot
Craig Doriot
10 years ago

Interesting and scary. We’ve seen how fast and efficient this administration has been in breaking down the existing system and building up their own instead. The changes have been sweeping, but often goes down quietly. Think of how Common Core came out of nowhere and how the entire education system has been overhauled in support of that agenda, and the back doors they have used to pass legislation or circumvent it all together (obamacare, net neutrality, gun control, pushing the homosexual lobby through schools, planned parenthood, etc). I have noticed that often times the biggest changes are usually pushed through during times of loud controversy. Like as debate is getting stirred up over Wikileaks or birth certificates, for example, there are suddenly sweeping changes that go almost unreported.

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