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Insider Movement supported by Jim Wallis
Tonight I got on the computer up in my room while Douglas worked on the big pc beside me. He is writing a refutation of the Insider Movement for the upcoming conference that the Biblical Missiology Group is hosting in October. If you haven’t been keeping up to speed with what God is doing in the Valley I suggest that you read the newsletters about the C5/ IM heresy. So I was doing some research for Douglas on this issue and I found on none other than Jim Wallis’ sojourners blog tonight, a very interesting article: This is the fundamental ideology of the C5/ Insider Movement heresy that I have been writing about for a year now, since Christ the Rock Community Church held a conference teaching people this stuff last August. Tim spoke about their doing so only two Sundays ago. Check out the sermon on the CCV website if you haven’t had the opportunity. This past week I have been emailing a number of folks about how the I/M is a sister to the Emergent Church and Social Justice. I have been doing research on their beginnings since the Lord spoke to me about Ichabod.


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“Lenhart’s theological teaching (in the book “Modeling God” by John Lenhart) fundamentally denies core tenants of the Christian faith. Similar to other “quasi-Christian” theological offerings such as Mormonism or ancient Gnosticism, Lenhart’s theology presents a fundamentally different god than the God of the Bible, and offers a completely non-Biblical theological perspective for sin and God’s gift of salvation. As such “Modeling God” must be placed outside the bounds of what is considered fundamentally “Christian.”

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