st_louis_archGiven Late 2001

Vision: I saw the Holy Spirit flying to the right of me.  He approached a city.  In the foreground was a large arch.  He flew up to it then through it.  He said, “keep your eye on the arches”.  “Is this St. Louis?”  I asked.  He said “St. Louis,” then He said “Amsterdam.”  I asked, “St. Louis?”  He gave no answer.   He flew over the city and a big fire fell down on the top of it.  The fire was burning all over the city but only on the skyline.  The buildings were not being consumed.  I asked why the city was on fire.  He did not answer me but began to dance over the top of the flames as if He were elated.  “Are you happy about this?”  I asked.  No response and the vision ended.


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