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Taking a Stand for Biblical Missiology

A Global Opposition is Emerging

On August 17, 2009 I sent out the newsletter titled “Serious Prophecy about Islam and Christianity for the Fox Valley” that addressed the Insider Movement teaching being propagated at Christ the Rock Community Church in Menasha, WI. That newsletter circulated to a number of missionaries and the educators of missionaries across the nation. Their interest was piqued because they also were deeply concerned about the heretical nature of the theology that undergirds the Common Ground teaching and also the horrendous effects realized by the Christians out in the field who were previously Muslims. One such minister from Minnesota contacted me shortly after I sent out the newsletter and informed me that a number of men were joining together to give a conference refuting the movement. The organization hosting the conference, i2 Ministries, in California, trains Christians to evangelize Muslims. i2 Ministries courses, with more than 30 professors, are captured on CD/DVD/MP3 and are made available for training schools, universities, seminaries and churches in the U.S., Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. The director, Joshua Lingel was lead to host the “Insider Movement Conference: A Critical Assessment” and did so in late August. DVDs from this conference can be purchased here.

When I began receiving emails and articles from these ministers I found that what the Lord had told me about pigeonholing Christianity with Islam was in fact something that He was speaking about to a number of ministers across the world. I then sent out the second newsletter just after the i2 Ministries conference. In the second newsletter I addressed a number of national ministries that were supporting this heretical teaching. I began to receive a trickle of responses from leaders of these ministries and sent them along to the guys who were in the process of forming a biblical missiology society. I don’t know if there is a connection but a number of articles then began to show up in national Christian magazines from some of the C5 advocates that were actually extolling this method. I found that as I watched what sites were publishing these types of articles many National ministers were posting opposing comments. As Christmas approached it seemed to become a very hot topic on the Christian scene.

The newly forming Biblical Missiology group met via Skype and began to formalize. The Biblical Missiology Facebook Group was created and a web site has begun in the developing stage. Last month a Board of Directors was formed to begin to organize the movement of taking a stand for biblical missiology, of which the C5 method/Insider Movement method does not adhere to. During this developmental stage a number of articles have been written and many comments have been made on high profile blogs. The group has posted on Christianity Today, Baptist Standard, Saint Francis Magazine, The Lausanne Movement, and more.

Douglas Pirkey, from Shouts of Joy Ministries, has also been working on a number of refutations focusing on the charts and graphs that are posted on web sites that hold to the C5/Insider Movement method of mission and which are used in their conferences like the one held at Christ the Rock Community Church. I have posted the Introduction of Douglas’ most recent work below and the link that goes to the entire article. This article titled “Subsumption Theology” is very interesting. I found many basic Christian concepts to be fleshed out in such a way that for me they took on a much deeper meaning. He also addresses many basic beliefs that every Christian needs to be made aware of and how the command of those beliefs are necessary in sound apologetics.


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