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Imminent tectonic shift in social media for Facebook. Joie Pirkey's September 2018 vision, when Facebook was the darling of social media and completely unsinkable, made clear that Facebook, the voice of the people, will be suppressed. The impact of this shift will be the impetus that changes social media as we know it.

Vision about Facebook

At a prayer meeting last September 2018 Joie Pirkey had a vision that was recorded. In it she was told that there would be a tectonic shift in social media and mainly for Facebook. This seemed odd because at the time Facebook was the darling of social media and completely unsinkable. The Holy Spirit said that something significant would happen in June of 2019 regarding this shift and that its impact would be the impetus that changes social media as we know it. A few days ago, July of 2019 she had another vision about Facebook and in it the Lord told her to transcribe the audio of the September vision. Here is the edited ‘for easier reading’ version. The substance of the content was not changed and a word for word version can be accessed here.

The vision begins in a time of prayer for the tech companies dodles, inc and Pound Social. We were praying about the way forward in both companies as we do a few times each week. The Holy Spirit appears far off and to the right. He begins to speak about ethics and morals which was not caught on the audio. When those who were attending the prayer meeting realized Joie was having a vision they began to record it, which has become the custom. The transcript begins when the recorder was turned on.

Social Media Landscape Changing

Creating bots is a moral issue not an ethical issue. He will show us how to navigate it. Things are going to change.

The social media landscape is going to change.

There is going to be an open door, that’s only going to last for a while, so we continue to get ready, and He’ll show us when it’s time.

Now He is showing me an open door. It’s going one way.  But then quickly it changes direction and goes another way. People aren’t going to be ready for it. There’s going to be a change in the social media platforms.

It’s going to open up for a time, open to use growth methods freely. So be ready for it. It’s only going to be open for a short time.

He is showing me a barbell shape made of white light, when we are in the turn, the change, there is going to be a lot of weight, a lot of pressure put on Facebook, and the other big platforms.

I don’t know if it’s the government but there’s going to be a period of time where the government is going to press these platforms/companies down, trying to oppose and break up a monopoly. They will attempt to repress and minimize the powers these companies have. During the time that they push against Facebook some legal action transpires and during the duration of those actions the suppression of automation will free up and we will be able to use Pound services and grow accounts.

numerous smart phones being held up high taking pictures and video of a street event.

The Voice of the People

This repression has already just begun. The government has to make it look as if they are oppressing the “big guys” and not the voices of people. That’s what’s happening right now, a kind of campaign against these platforms becoming a monopoly or too big of a conglomeration.

 This group with authority is attempting to persuade the public to believe that Facebook does not represent or facilitate the voice of the people. This is not true so they are going bit by bit persuading the people/culture to believe something different from the truth. 

I keep saying government but that is not actually correct. I am asking if it is the government because it seems like a powerful group with authority. He’s not telling me exactly who this group is.

Facebook is a Monopoly

This group of people, this entity, is going to try to break the Facebook monopoly up. A Group of people are trying to make these Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter platforms look like something other than the vehicle for the voice of “the People”.  And they are going to try to make them look like big conglomerations or big companies. That has already begun. When that comes fully things are going to open up and restrictions will be very few. All of the sudden it’s going to take a turn and we are not going to see it coming.

The pressure to break up the monopoly is coming because when the people are free to speak on such a vast platform, they are hard to manipulate. So the viral nature, the open free speech, is being shut down so that those in power can manipulate the masses again.

Tectonic Shift is Coming

A “titanic” shift is coming to open things up for a short time.  Titanic is not the word that He is saying but I literally am unable to say it. It sounds like He said titanic, but thats not it. I can hear it but I can’t say it for some reason.

He kept saying it and I kept saying titanic.

He keeps saying the same thing, sounds like “titanic shift”. Like a huge shift in the earth, that starts with a t, and He keeps saying it and I can’t say it, for some unknown reason.

There is going to be this big shift, like a very big shift, (tectonic) yes that’s it.  TECTONIC!

I just heard Him say June.

There is going to be a tectonic shift in the way that social media and these big players are functioning. There is going to be such an enormous change that He is calling it tectonic.

These doors are going to be open because the weight is going to push them. First, we start going down this path and it’s going to look like this is where it’s going but it’s going to be an open enough door for us to be moving and then all of the sudden all of this stuff is going to happen, then this big shift, and we are going to be like WOE, and all of this weight is going to come down on Facebook and everything is going to be free and that’s when we’re really going to be ready. 

Whose doing what?

I just said what about Daniel (meant to say Ben) and He said that he is not going to be working on this, the technology of Pound Social.  He’s going to bring the people, just like he’s been bringing people, he is going to bring the right people to us. Ben is going through some time, he’s in a good place, being brought into a better place and God is going to answer His prayer.  And in answering his prayer he’s going to be with dodles he just doesn’t understand that yet. But he has been praying and this is the answer.  So yes, but I just don’t know to what degree or when.

I’m seeing something else, like a light, looks almost like a spotlight way off to the right and up pretty high, looks like maybe a spotlight. It looks kind of like a hole or like a spotlight but all of the sudden click, click and then all of this is filling up with either light or smoke or something. 

He’s showing me back in the beginning again about when He was planting dodles. I’m seeing this light straight on now but I don’t know what it actually is. He is showing that it is a lot of grace coming, and it’s here, it’s already here and more is coming. 

Waves and waves and waves of grace are coming. 

It’s like in the dream, there’s this happiness, this relief, and He’s going to bring that. He’s going to give us some grace in that. He is going to pour grace on us, companywide and to cheer us up for a significant season. 

Database and Interface

He is saying that a fabric that Craig was talking about and that Ben is going to work on is significant.  It’s right.  And He’s showing me that something that’s underneath the fabric is being moved by His spirit. Is upholding it. And he’s going to give direction of what to do with it.  To turn it in the right direction.  That is where the strength is.  And the fabric will sit on top of that.

The face, then there’s the face.  Sang will work on the face and guys like Sang. The Lord likes him. We are supposed to share the Gospel with him.

He is showing me something about this fabric that I don’t really get. I’m seeing movement on each side of the base that looks like waves moving upward over it.  This has to do with the movement in the fabric.

I’m assuming from what Craig showed me and from what He is showing me that Craig has done something at “the base”. And this base is where the strength of it is and it keeps coming up into this fabric.  And the influence keeps coming and coming and coming into the fabric.  Which I am assuming is what He is saying is what Ben makes or has a part in.  And that direction is coming from the Lord. Influences from the Lord.

Group Discussion

Then the vision stops for a bit and I begin to pray for the businesses. I mention the ICO that we had heard from the Lord about building in April and preparations for it. Then I begin to hear Him again.

He just said it’s immanent. (Immanent that sounds interesting. What are the next steps if the ICO is immanent? What are the next steps towards that?)

The people there begin to discuss what different parts of the vision mean.  Then He speaks intermittently. 

Money coming in from insurance in October for settlement. I asked for an amount to settle for but he didn’t give it.   

The discussion amongst those present goes on for a few minutes restating different things and giving their perspectives of what it meant.

It sure seemed like, by what I was seeing, that you had a lot of influence in that fabric, Craig. You were influencing it a lot but Ben was doing something with it.

(Maybe he’s going to bring us the people to put in place to build it? And then, I know I am building the underlying data for it already and then the fabric gets built on top of that which I never really built a fabric myself. )

That’s what he was showing. Here’s you and there was a lot of movement going up and He said that Craig’s following the spirit, the waves of grace are going to influence this fabric and the fabric was going to be Ben’s and the other people working on it.  And you, would build the bottom piece and then from it you would influence upward significantly.   There is a top line that He’s calling the face, and that would be by Sang.  Is that what Sang is doing in Pound Social?

( Yes he is. I think the base is the data base and the face is the interface)

Just the Beginning

Just the Beginning


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