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In the photo here you can see that I am praying for a lady.  As I was praying I said three times, “It’s in your right hand.”  This service was recorded and what I say can be verified.  When I said, ‘it’s in your right hand’ my photographer, Michelle, snapped the shot.  I enlarged the picture so you can see the orb/angel better.  Below is a testimony from Michelle Little where she includes the conference at Eucha, OK in 2005 where this woman was prayed for.



Michelle Little

“I have known Joie for several years.  During that period of time, I have accompanied her on many speaking engagements and have been with her as she has had visions.  I have watched her make sure the words she receives are discerned and do not contradict God’s Word in the Bible.  I have watched her go to great lengths to research what God has told her and continue to pray about it before addressing it in public.   God telling her that the orbs she sees are angels and that they can be caught on film is one of those instances.

Joie had told me about the light orbs she could see with her eyes opened and closed and about a vision where God had told her that the light orbs were angels. She and I had heard that people were capturing orbs in photographs and that they were claiming the orbs were angels. I had seen a few of the photographs and was skeptical. I am a very logical person. I work with computers and I like proof. There were pictures that I had seen where there was an explanation for the “orbs” in the photo – such as water droplets, a small spot on the lens, lighting/sun/reflections, etc. But there were other photos where I had no explanation for what could have caused the “orbs”. Joie was very interested in what I showed her and what I pointed out. But what about those pictures with no immediate explanation? So, Joie and I started doing experiments. Joie and I would be in a room where she saw no light orbs and I would take pictures and get no orbs in my photos. Then she would say “there” and point and sure enough, one or more orbs would show up in the photo. We did this on many different occasions and in many different places over a period of several months and we got the same results.

There was even one time in Eucha, OK, when she said she saw angels descending around a man in a pattern of two then three then two. I took the picture and sure enough they showed up exactly as she had said – two then three then two. It is way too coincidental for dust particles to be in just the right place at just the right time for them to be photographed in this pattern. Do I think all “orbs” caught in photos are angels? No, and neither does Joie. But are there orbs being caught in photos that are angels? I believe the answer is Yes.

During the period of time we were researching the orbs and doing experiments of our own, I watched Joie grapple with the answer God had given her that the orbs were angels. I knew she believed Him but she also knew how it sounded. She spent months praying about, doing tests, reading about orbs, and verifying that when she saw them, we could capture them in a photo. She was very careful to have done her best to research what God had told her and discern it before telling the public about it, and surely before posting it on her website.

Over the years as I have gotten to know Joie, I have grown to trust in her integrity in when and how to relay what God has told her. Joie does not take the responsibilities God has given her lightly. In fact, I have seen her be aware ahead of time what she would have to endure personally if she followed through on what God was asking of her and she chose to do it anyway. I truly respect Joie and the integrity she uses when it comes to relaying things of God.

Michelle Little
June 24, 2007

The orbs are a bit difficult to see.  Two are up high then three on us obviously, one on his boot and the other one is just below my right foot.  When this particular man approached me to be prayed for we both got like a jolt of electricity when he was about three feet away from me.  He bumped backward and so did I almost falling. I yelled, “Did you feel that?” and he got very serious and said pray for me to get everything God wants to give.  That was crazy and I have no idea why we both felt that boom between us.  Then as I prayed for him I saw angels popping in from the roof above us in the pattern of two then three then two more.  As I told what I was seeing in the micro phone Michelle snapped a shot and this is what you see.  On Sunday, this was a three day conference, the entire back row was filled with grand-kids from the guitar player on the worship team who himself was healed that Friday night.  They saw this picture as we gave a bunch of testimonies from the previous two nights and all but one came forward to be prayed for.  It was an amazing weekend that I write about now and again because it was this three day period where Michelle snapped over a hundred shots where I saw orbs confirming what the Lord had told me, that these orbs I had been seeing since I was a small child were in fact angels.

Below is a summary that I wrote about our time there:

Dogwood Chapel Conference Summary

The trip to the Dogwood Chapel in Eucha, Oklahoma far exceeded my expectations.  Just before the worship service began at the first service on Friday night, I felt a great sadness and an unusual strong demonic presence enter the sanctuary from the west wall.  As it passed three very large angels entered the room and I was told that three people would die this weekend and that these angels were here to bring comfort to the people in Dogwood who would be grieving.  After quite a bit of questioning the Lord, He made it clear to me that two things were going on in this local body.  First, was that a great sadness was about to come upon them from these deaths and second that they were being persecuted in an unusual manner and that although the opposition seemed to be coming from fellow Euchaians, it was actually spiritually driven.  Also on that first night, the pastor had announced that one of their members had died when a young woman rushed in and in tears told him.

On the second night, during the prayer requests, the husband of the woman who died was mentioned and members asked from the congregation what had happened, obviously not knowing about her death.  Great sadness came again.

After I spoke, it seemed very fitting to pray for people so I invited them to come forward with whatever need was pressing upon them. Almost every member came forward.  It was a beautiful time of ministry.

Also that evening during the ministry time, I was trying to the best of my ability to not hold back or be embarrassed of what I felt God asking me to do.  One man came forward named Selby. As he approached me we both felt a boom of what felt like an electrical shock or like a shock wave.  We both stumbled backward.  As I prayed for him I asked God to give him “more”.  Immediately I saw angels that looked like orbs of white light descend around him.  They came in a unique pattern; first two, then three, then two more.  I said all of this in the microphone.  Because Michelle heard this she grabbed hold of her camera to take pictures of us.  In the past, when I have told her that I see “light orbs”, she has actually caught them on film.   In this case with Selby, we could see immediately a number of “light orbs” around him in the photo.  What was amazing to me and helping me believe that these are from God, is that what I said is actually in the tape available at the Dogwood Chapel and that Michelle got the photo to prove this to be true.

During worship on Sunday morning, I felt the “sadness” feeling enter the church again.  I told Michelle.  Just minutes later the pastor announced that a woman in the church would not be singing because a family member of hers had just been killed in a car accident.  The family member was a woman.  She had been driving a race car that had flipped over during the race.  When the car flipped it hit a tow-truck that was near by.  The tow-truck driver was also killed.  The driver of the tow-truck was also the driver of the race cars son.  Once again, sadness entered the body.

I had brought the developed photo of Selby to the service on Sunday morning and when I began speaking, I asked for testimonies, believing that God wanted to stir people’s faith and deeply comfort them.  There were three times as many people there.  Two people in the service testified to healings. One woman deeply affected by Ruby’s death shared that she was comforted by the message.  Many more personal prophecies and words of knowledge were confirmed.  The photo of Selby with the “light orbs” and the testimonies were received with awe and wonder.  It set the mood for Sunday night and wow, what a service!

This time, Sunday night, after I spoke about the baptism in the Holy Spirit, the pastor asked if I would pray for those in the congregation who wanted to receive it.  I opened up the altar and people came one at a time.  This had an amazing effect.  There was no background music, no getting lost in the crowd, just one person at a time coming forward asking for more of God.  This kind of authentic surrender to God, open and public with no hype, was to me far more beautiful than any vision or supernatural gift.

With so much spiritual opposition and sadness enveloping the good people of Dogwood Chapel, it was deeply moving to be able to bring them a message of hope and of joy.  Their sorrow was turned to hope and gladness and their experiences those four services showed us all that greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world.


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11 years ago

This is so incredible but I do believe it. I actually photographed some sort of while light coming down from heaven while visiting a mission in Africa. It is like a pure bolt of white light with slightly fuzzy edges…like nothing I have ever seen and it was right over someone who was being ministered to. I would love to know what it was..and angel?Power? I don’t know! Thanks for posting this on your website. Look forward to more.

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