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Clay VesselHey guys.  I am stealing some blog time this afternoon before the “chili beans” get home from school.

Early this morning I had what I guess I’ll call a vision.  I say guess because it was yet another different kind of experience.  This time I was seeing in color, not in bright light, and the objects that I saw seemed to be real.  Hmm, like they were actually sitting somewhere and I just came upon them, anyway…

I saw five really beautiful vessels.  They were tall and narrow pots that looked like really nice vases, all made from clay.  The color scheme of the five was beautiful.  Golden yellow, teally blue, earth brown, light tan.  Really nice.  They seemed very valuable.  I reached out to take the gold one, the one that I like the best, and as I reached for it I heard a voice above my head say, “Take all of them.  I have them together for a reason.”

The scene switched.  I was thinking, “Hey, I’m in a vision.  This is a vision.  Am I awake?  Yup, I’m awake.  Why am I seeing this in color like this?”  In front of me was a stone shelf and on it lay five steaming loaves of bread.  The bread looked excellent, great color, personal size loaves, nummie.  I could actually see the steam rising from the top.  I reached out to take the first one in line.  Again the voice above my head said, “Take all of them.  I have them together for a reason.”  To this I responded, “I don’t need all of them.  I only need one.”  The voice responded, “Take all of them.  I have them together for a reason.”  And the vision ended.

I have no clue what it means.  It did seem like the vessels and the bread were the same valuable thing. It also felt as if God was showing this to me because something will be presented to me and I will be apt to only take one part so God is for-warning me to take all.  Not sure.  Any thoughts?


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16 years ago

Joey, please consider this and see if the Lord confirms this. I believe this is a vision for you/your ministry. The vessels made of clay, different colors, yet not bright light speaks of people or peoples that the Lord has you/your group ministering to. All people are precious to God, sometimes we want to focus our ministry on the ones we like the most or feel need our ministry the most. Don’t neglect any the Lord sends your way, they are all precious. One might seem to be a more glorious ministry but all are equally precious in His sight. Don’t neglect the rest for the one. I believe 5 is significant because that is the number of grace. He will supply the energy, power, ability, and desire to accomplish these tasks as you continue to say “Yes” to Him. The second part of the dream shows bread on a stone shelf…. once again emphasising earthly ministry. This time they all looked similar and you picked the first inline, not that it was a favorite. It was all you needed or could handle. Once again the Lord says take all of them, His grace is sufficient for you. Just keep them all treasured in your heart, allow God to work through you/your ministry to all the types/groups that He wants you to impact. His grace is sufficient, your mind will have peace ….. His peace, as it is engaged with God. His reason for this will be revealed at the proper time, maybe here on earth but more likely in Heaven. Grace to you.

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