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Vision about Afghanistan, Biden and Trump
Trouble on the tarmac in Kabul, rocket fired from Russia in September, and world leaders dying, all in the most recent prophecy.

During our Prayer Meeting at Wellspring at the Cross Church last night, August 18, 2021 I started to have a vision and a few people recorded it.  I am loosely editing it so that it makes sense but leaving it as close to the original recording as possible to maintain integrity and to give you an idea how these visions unfold.  I also added some explanation where I felt clarification was needed. These visions come and I am seeing things that I often do not understand at first but I describe them as they come. 

Audio Transcript for August 18 vision:

“I am seeing this guy who is a General, who is working with Biden on plans regarding Afghanistan.  This General is flipping out about something that Biden is doing that is about to happen. Because he is so upset he will go to another General who is connected and working with Trump. That General will tell Trump what is going on and Trump somehow will try to fix this by using whatever back channels he has.  In the process of Trump trying to fix this he will tell us, he tweets it out or makes a post about it, and starts to tell us what’s going on behind the scenes.  We are supposed to pay attention to what he says is happening. What he puts out might sound extremely bizarre  but that will be the chain of information. Trump is going to tell us (the Public) something. Whatever that something is we need to pay attention to.” 

I was saying to the Lord, “I don’t know why you are telling me this. It feels corny (I chose this word because I didn’t want to say conspiratorial). I ask the Holy Spirit, “I don’t know why you are giving me this. I don’t know why you are telling me this, but, we pray, God that your will would be done.”

“He just said to expose it.”

“We pray it is exposed in Jesus name. We pray, God, that this corruption be exposed in Jesus name.”

“The people who are handling Biden are going to take him out.”

“They are actually going to take him out. Is he the fall guy?” I ask. “And is this already a plan?”

“This is actually going to happen.”

“So we pray, God, that the corruption that’s behind this will be exposed and cleaned up in Jesus name. I don’t know what we are supposed to do except but we pray that your will will be done and that we as believers will respond how we are supposed to respond.”

“I keep trying to shut you off, so, I’m sorry for that and is there anything more that you want to tell us? I’m very uncomfortable but I’m going to just seek here, so God I pray that you would reveal what it is that we need to know.”

He responded, “There is a spiritual battle going on. This is strategic.”

I asked who these people are, who are they tied to? I asked if they are tied to China? He said, no. But they are dealing with China.” 

“Now I’m seeing a foundation of light. There is a big strip of light and it looks like a rocket. But I don’t want to say rocket. Because then everyone will think it’s a rocket. But He just said, say rocket. So it looks like a rocket. This rocket is going to be launched some time in September. It’s going to come from Russia. They are going to shoot a rocket and I know what it looks like, I can see it.  And it is going to the west.”

“He just said the word Czar and then He said, pray for the Czar’s to return. And for communism to fall. He is going to break up Russia after this. There’s going to be a significant change.  Russia is going to be broken up.” 

The world, being led by the spirit of the age, has a plan, but God also has a plan! He is saying take heart, and be encouraged that God has His plan.  The Nations rage but God is in control.”  

“That’s the word that we should be shouting, proclaiming that though the nations rage I know that my God is in control!”

“I am asking again about China, feeling like the Holy Spirit is leading me to ask. No answer and then I asked, ‘what will Trump do?’ He said that Trump is creating a network. Like a network or a foundation of patriots. He is developing this network. These are people who are Generals, country leaders and movers and shakers.”

You are in for some chaotic times once they take Biden out. And 12/12  and 12/46 will make sense soon.”

I ask, “Are those Americans in Afghanistan going to get out? They are making a deal with the Taliban to get those people out.”

I ask, “What are we supposed to do?”

“Keep praying and keep taking back the land! Keep taking back the land! Pray that God redeems what the locust has eaten. Be a voice crying in the wilderness! Prepare Ye the way of the Lord. Because I am coming.”

“I am seeing lights moving upward all around me. He is telling Douglas, it is like the Northern Lights that we saw in our driveway. It looks almost exactly like that. It’s around me, in a circle and then light is coming in and going up like the Northern Lights . What is this? I’m still seeing it. I know that people call it a portal but what I am seeing is not what those people are explaining.  It’s the drilling in that He previously spoke about, it’s like the gateway or the tunnel that you go into spiritually. I’m supposed to name this.

“Why am I seeing this?”  “Northern Lights”

“He is saying He wants us to come here. Into this place where we are hearing what He says. He is going to pull us all in, each individually and all of us together. He is going to be pulling us in to hear Him. That is where the wisdom to go forward through this time comes from. And then confirming it in the Word.”

“Now I am seeing more angels. I’m seeing some flying. There are a bunch of angels coming in. I’m seeing something that looks like a roadway or a highway. It looks like a runway. I’m seeing a runway in front of me and these light things are still going up the sides. I am seeing angels up here. It looks like I’m looking at an airport, down a runway. A tarmac.”

“I’m sitting there, seeing up on the left some leaders.  They are going to be killed. We are going to see a small slew of  leaders being killed. People are jockeying, playing chess with people. But, it’s not going to work because He is saying I am the God of these boundaries, of these borders. He is the one who says where the borders of these lands fall. Not men, says the Lord. He has a purpose for each land and for each calling, for each leader. He puts these people in leadership. The enemy is picking them off. He is naming places and I don’t know if these leaders are going there or what but I am just going to repeat what He is saying. He is saying the Dalai Lama. He is saying Burundi. Yugoslavia. Syria. I don’t even know how to say that….something that sounds like Kazakhstan. He is saying Constantinople but I don’t even know if that is still a country. He said beware of Turkey. Turkey is on the prowl. I am seeing either a jet or a jart, something that is shaped like a lawn jart. That thing that looked like a jet shaped like a lawn jart just faded away. I said, is it a rocket and He said no.”

“I asked if I could be done now at the meeting and just seek Him from home tonight. He said no. He is giving this revelation because we are seeking together. He has strategically called people here tonight. To seek together. Now there is like a dot and then a line going here and all this stuff is still going on.” 

“He said to watch Turkey.” 

“He is telling me something about a really old vision, I’ll just tell you so we can reference it later, about Randy Kaska.  An angel was showing me decades ago that they had something like electricity going through the water and through the air that could tell where our location was. And now He said to think about that.”

“I am going back out now but I’m going out slowly.  I’m looking again at the “Northern Lights”. Angels, or whatever the lights are. He is saying that there is going to be a period of time that I am going to be able to go in easily and often because there is a lot He wants to reveal.”


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Craig Doriot
Craig Doriot
2 years ago

Troubling times but great to hear of Gods plan in it all!

Nathan Bowe
Nathan Bowe
2 years ago
Reply to  Craig Doriot

May God’s will be done. Whether people believe it or not. We live in troubling times. I’ve been saying this to some of my closet friends who believe in Christ. There is a major spiritual warfare going on that we can’t see necessarily with our eyes, but some of is with our hearts. God Bless us all and have Mercy on us sinners. In Jesus Name, Amen! Sometimes I wish I could see things or anything more, but I trust God’s way that I cannot. Some do have this gift as you do Joie. Your life, healing and visions are proof God wants you for certain things. God Bless you.❤️🙏

Jackie Viguer
Jackie Viguer
2 years ago

Joie, Thank you for being obedient to God with your gift, I know it is not easy for you, in obeying, you are encouraging us all to be on watch, to be in prayer and to support God and his plan! I’m behind you and God all the way! 💖🙌

Craig Doriot
Craig Doriot
2 years ago

It’s very interesting watching this play out so quickly. The runway in Afghanistan Being under attack since this prophecy and also we are hearing the taliban is working with Turkey now.

Kaleem Shahzad
Kaleem Shahzad
2 years ago

Dream about Destruction:
22 December 2019
The whole month of December I slept on the ground praying and crying to God. I was broken and attacked by Satan many times.
I was sleeping on the floor and saw a dream, (Missing Part: Can’t share)
I saw we were in our old home, in our courtyard, laying in the night, all of sudden I feel something is going to happen. I tell my family to enter into the main room. Sometime it was evening which has some day light, sometime it was just dark as night. At dark, I saw that “something burning/ Like Fire” is coming out of heaven from that much distance, that it was like a star coming or felling on earth with a speed, like it was thrown from a big distance, small but like missile or bomb.

It fell little far 2-3 streets distance from our home. It blasted many times, and every time it’s smoke grew. It was horrific, there was dust, darkness of smoke, storm was coming because of this bomb, rain was felling with the mixture of dust, little grain of sand and small stones. (Missing Part: Can’t share)

When the first bomb was blasting still another bomb was coming like it fell on us. But we entered into our room. The lock of the door was broken, the window was open, (Missing Part: Can’t share)

As I was closing the door, We saw a young girl with fully black eyes like blind or possessed was standing in our courtyard, opening her arms, who has a destruction spirit, she was a evil spirit of destruction, as I tried to close the door, she tries to enter into the room, as death with the black eyes, dark like darkness.

(Missing Part: Can’t share)

It was unimaginable condition, destruction of atomic bombs, I felt as it was bigger than the bombs were thrown on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan in world war. The smoke, darkness, cloudy, rain storm, with the mixture of stones, sand and in all of this, I open the door again to distract the spirit or to defeat it. As it came I shut the door, another time, I open the door all of sudden, so she fell. Because she was trying to enter into our prayer room that was open, but still she was not able or didn’t have that much power to enter there.

The smoke was like these pictures of blasts but it’s very little. I later checked the capacity of The bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and present bombs, I found by its smoke what type of bombs these were. The capacity or power of the bomb in Hiroshima was 15 kiloton, which killed 80,000 people and Bomb at Nagasaki was 21 kiloton. Which killed near about 145,000 people. The hight of the smoke and power was near about 20,000 ft. Which is little lower than the hight of the Mount Everest.

A airplane can fly near about 10,000 meter or little more higher than the hight of the mount Everest may be 25,000 ft to 40,000 ft (10,000 – 15,000 meters). The bomb I saw was not this, it was more powerful and the smoke was hitting the clouds and atmosphere. I also knew that it was involved countries (Not Sharing the Names). I was thinking it’s Tsar Bomb, but it’s actual capacity was of the castle bravo 15 megaton.
In Dec 2019, I shared this dream with my family only and I called to a person whom I love, and told something big is gonna happen. In 2020, Coronavirus pandemic started, second blast is remain. It’s just opening of seal, Tribulation is remain. Satan will control the world for a short time. The World can think it’s their time, but The will of God will be done finally. He is the God of Justice – The Justice is that world deserves destruction and every one who dishonored the name of YHWH and Blood of Jesus Christ. The world only can deceive the foolish, Those who have fear of the Lord, are blessed with wisdom. Victory belongs to us !

May Lord Jesus Christ come soon!

Joie Pirkey
Joie Pirkey
2 years ago

The war games are actually names Zapad which means west. And they fired rockets, you can see in the article about midway. The first day a rocket/satellite was launched as well.

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