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Christains are being called to walk in Triumph. As Gen Z, "Zoomers", will be looking for authentic church in organic community, the true church will flourish.

In the past few months, the Lord has been speaking to me about walking in Triumph.  He has actually used the word ‘Triumphing’. As if it’s a verb.  He has been calling me to walk in Victory in Christ.  I have been preaching about it, talking about it, praying about it.  It keeps going.  I keep understanding more and more, deeper and deeper.  It has been amazing how so much of my life has been affected by not walking in Victory but simply surviving.  This past week the Holy Spirit has been asking me things like, “what are you eating.  Is this how a Victor eats?”  Or “what are you wearing, is this what a victor wears?”  He has asked about things that I am thinking about, “is this how a victor thinks?”  

As He continued to bring this word about triumphing up to me I began to really wake up to how, in so many ways I have been walking in survival and not in victory.  As someone waiting for the end and not someone rejoicing in the now.  Not only did I begin to see how pervasive this was in my life but I started noticing it in others too.  Then I began to notice the effects of not walking in it verses walking it.  It is astounding!

So tonight when I was praying about how weird this all seemed and how in the world am I supposed to explain all of this the Holy Spirit just dropped on my head and started to speak to me about where things are at spiritually in this nation.  As He began I was like ‘woe I have been way off here’.  I have been surviving and I began to understand why He is moving me along in victory!

He started to tell me in a very excited way that He is moving! 

He told me that He is stirring up the young people!  That seemingly out of nowhere thousands will pop up and be responding to the call of ministry, to missions, to evangelism, in schools, in colleges, on the streets, that prophets will emerge, worshippers, believers laying down their lives in an unprecedented manner,  The truth will be more discernible as the lie/ narrative rises.  Red moon rising!

He said that these new believers answering the call to ministry will be very dedicated to community, be living together and sharing everything, a new sound of worship will arsies and the new thing will be the old.  He said that they will be walking in triumph because they were not affected by the citadel nor the dark night and the Holy Spirit took/is taking hold of them like He did with the children of Israel like Joshua and Caleb, those not affected by Pharaoh/ Egypt.  He is saying that they will create in the Spirit. Draw, paint, write…  They will not be worldly like the Citadel is worldy. It’s as if they see beyond the facade of the world and they don’t care for it like the previous generation have.  They see through humanism and want the narrow way.

He is calling me to step up and be a voice of reason /wisdom.  These young people are going to need discipleship, Pastors and Prophets, Apostles and Teachers to disciple them as they reach the world.  They will scorn the wycliff syncretized translations.  They will reject the ‘me centered’ worship, they will seek community opposed to programs. Seek the Holy Spirit moving opposed to entertainment.  

This time is upon us and those feeding rotten food will be cast aside, while those preaching meat will be sought after.  I hear the roar of this army approaching.  The battle cry is being released.  The victory is already won.  He is calling us to walk in Triumph!


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Dinah Calhoun
Dinah Calhoun
2 years ago

Absolutely love this word

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