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Starting a Prophetic Blog

Acting on the advice of a new good friend I have decided to go ahead and begin to post the prophecies as they come to me.  Then people can comment, discern, question, freak out about, pray for and about, whatever it is you do when you hear someone say that “I received this from the Lord…”.  One reason that I agreed to do this is because it will be a good, dated record of the things God shares with me but also because when ever we go through the prophecies and read what was written in the past, we get totally stoked about how God is moving in and through His people.  It’s uplifting.  It’s convicting.  It’s encouraging.  Even if the specific words are not for you personally, as they come to pass the testimony of it all is powerful.  So here we go, and if it takes off and folks are blessed then I’ll continue.  That’s the scoop on that.

Flag of GreeceWar in Greece

For a first “prophetic update” I’ll begin with a blog that I commented on regarding a word that the Lord gave me about the country of Greece.  You can view it for yourself if you google my name: Joie Pirkey Greece.  I wrote it in June of 2002 or 3.  It was just a short word for Greece.  The Lord told me that there would be a “terrible act of war” there and that people would be crying in the streets.  Then I was told to tell the church there to get water.  After sharing this with my husband my youngest son who was about 5 years old then said that the Lord just told him that this would happen in August.  So I googled Greece and found this site of news articles and blogged the message.  I believe that the recent fires in Greece constitute the “terrible act of war”.  We will have a better idea if this is it when the 7 people that are in custody for setting these fires are found to be terrorists or not.  The interesting thing about this is that in the dream after I saw the Greece stuff I saw the leader from North Korea, screaming in front of a huge smoke cloud.  Then a number of tanks moved out at his command.

Tomorrow, I’ll write about the latest vision.


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What God has Prophesied Recently about this Current Violence - Stuff About GodStuff About God
8 years ago

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