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We brought two suitcases full of the things we will need like meds, sheets, towels, and of course Candy!  On the first days when the food from home would come, we would take it all like Christmas morning and categorize it on the floor.  We would eat as much as our stomachs could take which was not much.  I found it strange and interesting that some candy and Doritos would burn our mouths.  

Everyone would have a stomach ache the next day as well.  Keep in mind we were only able to bring over the packaged foods and the stuff we couldn’t get in Kigali like cheese powder for Mac and Cheese and chocolates and chips and such.

A big thank you to everyone sending boxes of USA stuff to us!  These boxes have been a huge blessing.  The little things we can’t find here and the items that make it feel like home are priceless.  Thank you so so much.


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13 years ago

The bag of Doritos that Zeb is eating in this pic lasted maybe 24 hours. They ate as many as their stomachs would allow and then woke up the next day and did it again. lol. Yes Zeb got sick the second day from them and the Skittles. 🙂

13 years ago

There’s nothing like a tasty treat from the motherland!
Hey Zeb; you are looking very trim. You must be living the clean life.
I hope all is well with the Pirkawandans.

Douglas Pirkey
Douglas Pirkey
13 years ago
Reply to  Mp

Pirkawandans! Yoy kill me man:)


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