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Angels Among us as we Pray for Abortion Facility to close!
We met at the abortion facility in Appleton to worship the Lord, who is going to take the place down!
Angels at Abortion VigilMan what a great night!!!  Last night the House of Prayer met out at the Gillette Street abortion facility to worship the Lord who is going to take the place down!!  The night was great even in the face of such horror because God was speaking to us about the Valley and the stones being removed.  God continues to speak to us about unity and prayer and is preparing us for a time of healings.  We are looking forward to the first wave that is soon in coming!  See Isaiah 61 and 62!!


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16 years ago


Sorry I could not make it Tuesday Night. It sounds awesome!
I did do a shift this morning 10-11-07 from 6 AM until 8 AM. It was an awesome time with the Lord! I believe God is really honoring all the prayer that is happenning there!

I prayed and read scripture allowed over the building. I was all alone, but it was very peaceful. I am excited about my shift tomorrow morning.

16 years ago

Dana and I were discussing the above picture of you in front of the clinic and she asked if I saw the angel orbs, which I see only a couple and I asked her about the white line/bar/slash whatever you’d call it, by you (from the top of your head to the bottom of your jacket) and she said she didn’t she it. Is it on your picture and if so what do you think it is?

16 years ago

I do see one orb behind Joie, but the white line is the guide wire (covered) for the telephone pole behind her. Just an observation waaaay too early in the a.m. without coffee. 🙂

16 years ago

Missy is correct. The white line is the cover for the utility pole. Just one angel behind me. I have just posted a funny article with angel pic on the website. Go see and come back to comment.

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