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Biblical Missiology Open Letter to Christ the Rock Community Church

An Open Letter to the Fox Valley Evangelical Minsters Fellowship from the Biblical Missiology Society

25 July, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

The Biblical Missiology Society is a Christian consortium of scholars and ministers from diverse religious and ethnic backgrounds, whose fundamental goal is the promotion of biblical missiology. The advancement of the kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ is the shared commonality that makes the Society enthusiastically inclusive of those who, though not members formally, are members informally by virtue of our mutual labor. It is for this reason that we endorse the video of Pastor Tim Snell of Christ’s Church of the Valley in Appleton, Wisconsin. In his video, ( the pastor takes a stand in defense of biblical truth that is undermined in a “Jesus in the Qur’an” conference held in August, 2009, at Christ the Rock Community Church in Menasha, Wisconsin. The Jesus in the Qur’an conference is but a symptom of a greater problem in the Church: the insider movements/C5 decontextualization of the Gospel. The Biblical Missiology Society stands with Pastor Snell as he heeds the appeal of Jude 3: “I had to write and urge you to contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to the saints.” We urge you to take the time to listen to and carefully weigh Pastor Snell’s arguments in light of what the Bible teaches. All of us are aware of how difficult it can be to confront others, especially within the Church. Just as we are all thankful for the Apostle Paul’s willingness to confront the Apostle Peter about his compromising the truth of the Gospel (Galatians 2:11-21) those who minister to Muslims are especially in need of leaders within the Church, like the Apostle Paul, to speak with a clear voice to the issues of syncretism with Islam that threaten the purity of the Gospel. For those of us who minister to Muslims, including the majority of us who are a part of the Biblical Missiology Society, these are not mere hypothetical arguments but real issues that affect our ability to minister as we ought. It should not be forgotten that if these compromises are not addressed and withstood the Muslims themselves are left with a message that cannot save them even if they sincerely accept it. None of these things are honoring to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who is worthy of us taking a stand for Him. We encourage you to stand with our brother, Pastor Tim Snell and take a public stand against this method of missions. For more information and comments please see: For more information on IM: Critical assessment Conferences on DVD see: and Sincerely, Rev. Adam Simnowitz, a minister with the Assemblies of God (Dearborn, MI) Jay Smith, ‘Brethren in Christ’ Minister, Apologist, Polemicist, and Debater with Muslims (London, England) Georges Houssney, President, Horizons International Joshua Lingel, President, i2 Ministries Mark Stephan, Missionary to Muslims, Editor-in-Chief, BiblicalMissiology.Org John Span, Theological Author Joie Pirkey, Executive Director Shouts of Joy Ministries (Rwanda, Africa) Elijah Abraham, Founder/Director LIVING OASIS MINISTRIES P.O. Box 863743 Plano TX 75086 Patrick Dennis, Pastor from Indiantown, Fl. Formerly ministered in North Africa Tripp Martin, Ruling Elder, Orthodox Presbyterian Church (Farmington Hills, MI) Rev. Fred Farrokh, Executive Director, Jesus For Muslims Network, Metro New York City Roger Dixon, PhD Intercultural Studies, MDiv, ThM.; ordained United Methodist minister, VA Conference; 34 years resident missionary in Muslim communities in S.E. Asia.


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12 years ago

I don’t see the problem.I am a muslim American and It is obvious.Islam is a faith after christianity confirming the mission and ministry of Jesus as it was(not as it is portrayed today after 2000 years and so much adulteration)Jews don’t believe in Jesus,christians don;t believe in Muhammad,but Islam believes in Moses,Jesus and Muhammad.Islam is the only faith that believes in ONE GOD.Islam is the continuation of the work of Jesus.
God bless you and me and directs us all towards him and help us reach tolerance through understanding.

Ali Houssney
Ali Houssney
9 months ago
Reply to  Muhammad

Islam does NOT confirm the mission and ministry of Jesus since it denies that He is God in human flesh, it denies that He died on the cross and it denies that he rose again. Islam is a false religion built upon a false book that was written by a false prophet. Also do not ever say that Muslims believe in Moses and Jesus because they do not with all these denials I have listed here.

Ali Elghoul
Ali Elghoul
11 years ago

The problem is that Islam believes in a false Jesus. Muslims do not believe in the same Jesus that we Christians believe in. Stop saying you believe in Jesus because you don’t. Jesus is either God or He is a liar. He claimed to be God, raised the dead, healed the sick, controlled the forces of nature, predicted His death and resurrection, died and was raised back to life on the third day. We Christians believe in one God. Islam is not the only religion that believes in one God.

Ali Elghoul
Ali Elghoul
11 years ago

In other words, Jesus was not only a prophet, as Muslims seek to say He was. He has always been God, the second person in the Trinity. The reason why Christians do not believe in Muhammad is because Muhammad was a false prophet. He was not a prophet of God. A prophet of God would know what was in the Scriptures that existed before. He did not know the Bible. Muhammad contradicted the Bible over and over and over again.

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