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Given Winter of 2003

I had a dream that I was in a park-like area with a friend of mine, Tim Stephani.  He said, “A big wave is coming”.  I looked down at what looked like a beach but it was only sand and it was down at the bottom of a cliff.  There were people playing on the beach.  I went down and told everyone that a big wave was coming.  They looked concerned and walked to their right which was higher ground.  The sea pulled out farther and a man came up and said that it would be fun to play in the wave.  And so the people went back down to the beach area although now they ran out to where the water had receded.  There were a lot of children.  I ran down with them trying to convince them that the wave would hurt them if they were not ready for it.  Very few listened.  I looked for Tim to come and help me but he was nowhere to be found.   Then the wave came unexpectedly.  It washed right over the people crashing all the way over the beach and up to the cliff wall.  When the water receded the people were lying face down in the sand, buried, but you could see their forms.  I was rushing around trying to get them out of the muddy sand.  It frightened me so much that I woke up.  I heard a voice say, “A wave is coming.”


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