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CCV Validates Pirkey’s Prophetic Ministry

CCV’s Relationship with Joie Pirkey and Shouts of Joy Ministries

August 9, 2011

  1. Our church (Christ’s Church of the Valley in Appleton WI) recognizes legitimate gifting from the Holy Spirit for prophecy that Joie ministers in.
  2. Joie’s gifting has been discerned and tested over a number of years.  The process of Biblical discernment used is the same Biblical process we use with all the members of our church who claim to have a prophetic gifting.  A more thorough description of this discernment process can be found HERE or here (links not working):
    1. In witnessing how the Lord has ministered through her in our area, it is our conclusion that God has called her to function in the office of prophet in the church at large in our area (and perhaps beyond) as outlined in Eph. 4:11-12.
    2. This Biblical office doesn’t equate to a title or position we as a church give her as a part of our church structure.  (She doesn’t hold any “office” at CCV in an organizational sense).
    3. One could compare it to Billy Graham who would hold the office of evangelist per Eph. 4:11-12.  While obviously anointed and called into the position of an evangelist by God, this may not be the title or position he holds in whatever local church he is involved in.  His ministry as an evangelist is above and beyond the local church structure.
      1. We recognize that authentic prophetic ministry often is controversial.  People can react strongly to it, mostly in offense.  (There is a reason the Biblical prophets were often killed.)  We believe that when something is born of God and ministered faithfully, God is not overly concerned with what “image” the community puts upon that individual or church.  As such, this must not be our concern either.  Such concerns are indeed fleshly and born out of a desire to please people rather than God.  Indeed, there is a blessing when God’s people in a local church receive and make a home for a prophet, even when it is controversial.  (Matthew 10:41)
      2. It is important to note that Joie’s ministry operates under the umbrella of Shouts of Joy Ministries which is a separate ministry from CCV and has its own board of directors overseeing it.   Our influence and oversight of Joie’s ministry is more of a pastoral one, not one of direct oversight.
      3. It is important to say that our church is not run by Joie Pirkey.  Our church operates under the guidance of our Pastors and Elders, whose goal is to make sure we as a church are following Christ’s leadership and direction in all areas.  We value each person and the ministry gifts they bring to build up the body of Christ.  The Bible teaches that the body works “as each part does its work.”  Our goal is to follow Christ as the head of His church as he ministers through each and every one of God’s people in their various callings and roles.
      4. While we do believe Joie has an authentic prophetic gift and we value it within our ministry, we do not believe everything Joie says is prophetic.  While this is inherently true in all prophetic ministry, we would be remiss to not state it clearly here given the faulty perception (and the strong reactions) people can have – on a variety of levels – to the prophetic.    We believe ongoing discernment is needed for all prophetic words – be they from Joie or others.
      5. CCV is supportive of Joie’s overall ministry through Shouts of Joy.  As her ministry is now based in Africa, Shouts of Joy is one of the World Outreach Ministries we support.  This support is reviewed regularly to be sure that both the integrity and character of the ministry conform to Biblical standards.  Our support is conditional upon such standards being met.
      6. We also believe all ministry must be done in the context of love (I Cor 13) and for God’s ultimate purpose of redemption.  We insist on this as a Biblical expectation.  As Pastors and elders whom God has tasked with overseeing the body here at CCV, we take this responsibility seriously.  As such, we would not and do not hesitate to address concerns that may arise with Joie and/or her ministry.
      7. Even as we hold to this Biblical standard, we acknowledge God’s call to each of us is to extend grace to others when there may be points where one’s flesh gets injected into the ministry.  This is something to especially note when we are dealing with the prophetic.  Sometimes, because of the controversy that is stirred by this gift, we might desire to “quell the discomfort and controversy” and therefore seize upon the prophet’s flesh as an excuse to shut them down – without a proper analysis of how truly fleshly the issue at hand might be.  This, of course, is not fair nor is it Biblical.  Again, this calls for discernment on our part as pastors and elders as we shepherd the body.  From this, we do not shrink as we seek that Biblical balance of both grace and accountability.
        1. We believe that God calls us as his people to honor those He has placed in ministry leadership positions.  As such, at CCV we do not tolerate people speaking badly of the leaders God has placed in the church or spreading gossip about them whether they are pastors, elders, evangelists, prophets, etc.  It is true that all leaders make mistakes.  This is still not an excuse to speak badly of them.   If there is a matter that needs to be addressed, it needs to be addressed in a Godly manner by bringing it to that person and then, if necessary, to the appropriate church leadership. (Matthew 18:15-17, 1 Timothy 5:19-20)

CCV Church Leadership

August 2011


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8 years ago

Christ’s Church of the Valley has recently changed it’s name to Breakthrough Church, Appleton WI.

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