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Given 2002

In this dream I was standing in a circle of about eight or nine people.  We were praying.  When I looked out over the congregation there were about nine or ten groups doing the same.  In the side door comes a very dark man.  He was the same man from the school dreams.  I recognized that he was the devil.  He was rolling in along side of him a silver box that looked like some sort of cooler. Every person in the congregation was in a circle and he seemed unable to ‘get’ anyone.  He made eye contact with me and said, “You are such a joke.”  He then opened the ‘cooler’ and pulled out a little rack.  On the rack was what looked to be a skinned dead animal of some sort.  It was twisted up so much that it did not look like any familiar form.  Then I saw an eye blink and it was looking at me.  With horror I realized that this thing was a man.  And that he was still alive.  I looked up at the devil.  He stared at me for a short moment and slowly rolled the mutilated man back into the ‘cooler’ and shut the door.  He then turned and slowly walked out of the church.  I was so upset by this that I woke up.

God began to speak to my heart.  The dark night is coming.  The devil will try to divide the churches.  Our defense is to link arms with our brothers and sisters and pray.  Unity is the defense and the offense.  A Christian may stay alive spiritually but can be completely rendered useless by the enemy.  Sin got that man into that ‘cooler’.  He, the man, belonged in that church and we were not aware that he was in this spiritual condition because he was not unified to us.  And we were not reaching out to him.  We had no need of him, so we thought.   Three months after this dream the pastor of the church shared this dream with the congregation.  He had us link arms and pray.  He told of the man in the cooler.  That same Sunday a man from the church approached me asking if I knew who it was who had that dream.  The pastor had not said that it was me.  The man told me he wanted to know because God had been speaking to him that same week about the spiritual ‘cave’ that the devil had him in.  He said that he was the man in the ‘cooler’ and that God was asking him to repent for not being unified with the church.  This dream was not only for this local church but for the church as a whole in the Fox Valley.


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