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Given Spring of 2002

Vision: I saw the stars and the dove.  He was flying out in front of me.  I saw a huge half circle.  The circle was made of people linking arms and praying.  The circle grew so large that I could not see half of it.  Then the half circle arched and looked exactly like the arch I saw in the St. Louis vision.  I asked if this was St. Louis and the Spirit answered, “Yes, St. Louis”.  The original circle that I saw at the onset of the vision was made up of people from the Fox Valley Body of Christ/Church linking arms.  But then they, as a circle, turned into the St. Louis arch.

The enemy, in the shape of a dragony scorpion like creature, approaches the circle but could not enter the center. It began to flip up its tail and proceeded to go around, trying to get at people.  He could not hurt any of them.

If we will unite as the body of Christ regardless of what our denomination is we will survive the dark night and bring about a body ready to handle the flood of the Spirit and all of those He brings into the church; we will thwart the enemy and achieve the purposes of God for this time.


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