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Dream on September 27, 2011

Dream on September 27th, 2011

 I was in a river.  I was noticing how unbelievably clean the water was and then noticed that the bottom was clean as well.  I looked down the river and noticed that the water was sparkly.  As I looked at the sparkly reflections of light,  I noticed that they became huge jewels.  Every jewel was a diamond and they were quite large like maybe 10 to 15 karat.  As I noticed the diamonds floating at the top of the water just in front of me I realized that I was in a dream from the Lord.  

The water began to get higher and I looked downriver to see why.  A crossed the river, filling the entire girth, were four large horse heads.  They were stacked on top of each other.  The water was rising as the jewels approached them and then spilled over the top of the horse heads.  As the water began to move over them, sand started to pile on top and they were soon covered.  The water was flowing freely past them and I woke up.

I thought immediately when I woke that the horse heads were the four elders from CTR that I have been told about numerous times in past visions and dreams.  The river is symbolic of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and when the jewels, which He has shown me were the spiritual gifts of the church, rise and come freely the level of the movement of the Spirit surpasses what has previously blocked it.  When that happens, as He has said it would, the elders are covered and forgotten and His Spirit flows freely in the Valley.


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