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The idea came from a vision, and through Craig Doriot's obedience, the tech start-up dodles emerged.

Praying for Finacial Direction

Craig Doriot in early days before his Yupi sold to Microsoft

The vision began quite unexpectedly.  I was getting up and about to get ready for the day when I started to ‘see’ my daughter sitting at a desk in front of a computer.  She was laughing and interacting with people online. I realized that I was having a vision and I sat down thinking that this may be the answer to my recent prayers for Craig Doriot regarding the influx of cash from the sale of his tech start up, Loansifter. He had asked me to pray about what God wanted him to do with the millions he just acquired, believing that the Lord was directing him to use the money in some specific way.

I focused with extreme intent on what Sophie was doing at the computer in this vision. She picked up what looked to be a pencil of some sort and drew on a post-it-note. She had sketched out a little flower on a stem and then clicked something to the left side of what she had drawn, clicked maybe two more times and then watched the little flower dance back and forth.  She then took the post-it and stuck it on to the face of the pc. I had the thought that she was posting this animated flower as a comment to something. As she backed away laughing a number of post-its simply appeared attached to hers and they kept coming, building a sort of train of post-its that came out off the face of the computer and towards me. As they loaded up, what looked like a business’ logo swooshed out from the same direction. It was clear and vibrant and it stopped in front of me for about four full seconds and then the entire vision was over.

The logo was bright yellow and bright red.  It consisted of the word dodles in a bubble type font with tiny bright red thin sketched objects randomly placed throughout the large name. I had a moment to really look at it and I noticed a #, a cross, a star and a heart. I also noticed that the name had one o and not two.  Not the word doodles but dodles.

As I was wondering about this company, that I thought God was showing me for Craig to invest in, I heard a voice out loud say “one hundred and twenty-five million”.  This confused me because how could Craig invest that much money when he didn’t have a fraction of that amount.  I wondered if I heard wrong but the voice was so clear that I made a mental note and went on with my day. begins

When I shared the vision with Craig we both searched online for a company called “dodles”, assuming that this was an answer to prayer regarding investment.  It didn’t take long to realize that God was calling Craig to actually develop the entire company. For the past three years we have been doing just that.  Following the Lord through a labyrinth of ups and downs we have actually found ourselves with a powerful social media app called dodles that can animate drawings in just a few simple clicks.  This is breakthrough technology that the market is not only ready for, but has been racing towards this past year.

The “Joie” character for the animated testimony.

Gaining Momentum

The journey has been stunning watching God pull things together, forming a company that strives to work without corruption, building a platform where Millennials can create. successfully raised $300,000 in just 16 days with 10 independent angel investor this past summer and we are now looking to raise another $600,00. The past couple of weeks we filed our first two patents and launched closed beta and have been getting coverage in TechCrunch amongst other publications, TV news and podcasts.

We have numerous testimonies in the process of obeying the Lord in developing dodles like this one about why we didn’t need to own a “dot-com” name:

Here is a brief video explaining the general direction of and how it will enhance creativity and bring new financial opportunities for artists and other creative types.

Be watching the blog as I write about the amazing things that God has done and continues to do in and through dodles as He develops a testimony of building business under his headship, without corruption.


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Craig Doriot
Craig Doriot
6 years ago

Thanks for the writeup! Excited to see what God will do with this..

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