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I was in a large house near the water.  People were milling about between the house and the river.  The house was large and as we walked through it we kept finding new sets of rooms as in previous dreams.  Near the back of the house was a break away wall that opened up to an area that had a lot of wood work and a fire pit and a large drum. 2013-02-01RHawk0771LionCubIntro_500When we were discovering this recreational area I noticed outside near the water a lion cub walking through the yard.  I yelled, “LION!” But no one listened.  Children noticed and began to chase the lion cub thinking it would be fun to play with it.  I ran out of the house into the backyard where I was now not safe because of the lion’s presence.   I yelled down to the people walking about, “There is a Loin cub, “ and I pointed at it.  More children followed it running behind it laughing trying to catch it. “If the lion cub is here the mother is not far behind!  Take cover!  Get into the house!  Close the windows!  This lion can find ways in easily.  He will eat you!” No one outside was paying me any attention but others inside were scurrying about finding safety.  I noticed that two cubs were now running around in the area near the water heading towards the house. lion-hunt-06I saw, out of the corner of my eye, the mother running way off past the pier, heading in the direction of the house.  Its head was low to the ground and it moved in such a way that made it almost impossible to notice.  There were two women with babies talking, lounging on the pier.  I thought, the babies will be eaten first because they are easy prey. But there was no time left to warn them because I had to get to my own children. “Elias get into the tiled bathroom and close the window now! Bring Sophie.”  He couldn’t find Sophie so I yelled for him to find her, that she was somewhere in the house and he set off to do it.  I thought he would have time because the lion would kill the people outside first before coming inside to look. Just then a tall thin man began to hit the drum at the back of the house.  I ran near it as I was telling people to get inside.  Many people got up and began to move toward the music.  When I bongocame around the corner the young man smiled at me and said, “Now tell them”.  They had gathered to hear the drum and were paying attention. He stopped and I yelled, “A lion is here! Get inside and close the windows because lions can find ways to get in!  You have to shut every opening!” Like three women were listening to me but had no alarm on their faces.  The drummer then yelled, “get inside!” and ran into the house.  The lion had come around the corner and we could see it.  I thought to give it it’s cub and maybe it would go away but immediately the thought came that the lion doesn’t care at all for these cubs and I ran. The walls in that back part of the house with the fire pit, where the tall guy was playing the drum, were falling away as if they were easily blown away by the wind.  Two or three rooms deep blew away like that but the center of the house was secure and the bathroom with tile the most secure.  As I ran to it knowing Elias and Sophie were there and were safe I woke up.


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10 years ago

reverse the theology thinking and you may get your answer.

10 years ago
Reply to  Nellie

Nellie, what does that mean?

10 years ago

We tend to think within what our senses do and thus, we tend to interpret dreams in this way. When things don’t make sense, our first instinct is to use our normal logic when sometimes God wants us outside our normal parameters. Put these into place and see where it leads…
Matthew 19:14
But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

If building walls collapse, is the building truly safe?
Matthew 7:26-27
And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand: [27] And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it.
Beware of a foolish man whose house is crumbling…

Craig Doriot
Craig Doriot
10 years ago
Reply to  Nellie

I agree with your understanding that the destroyed walls represent things that were not built around God, yet you can see also that the foundation of the house was solid, and being in that house was the safest place to be in the dream.

I think all Christians have some things that they consider part of their “biblical” Christian walk that are not from God. When God sends the refining fires, what will stand? Some of things that must go will surprise us.

Likewise our churches mix the things of God with the profane things of our own imaginations. Even though God can use these other things to draw some in, those “ministries” will not stand the hour of testing, when God blows against those walls and they do not stand.

So, what in each of us is meant to stand and what is meant to be torn down? What is God removing from our churches in this hour that is not built on His foundation, but is simply a mirage?

Joie Pirkey
Joie Pirkey
10 years ago

by David Wilkerson

God makes certain, special promises to those who determine to
seek Him with all their hearts. One such promise is a covenant
of His presence.

However, this covenant is strictly conditional. Scripture makes it
clear that if we abide by the rule of this covenant, we will enjoy
the incredible blessing of God’s presence in our lives. And this
does not refer only to issues of salvation. It speaks of being such
seekers after God that His awesome presence is poured out on
us and it is seen and known by all.

God revealed this covenant of His presence through an unnamed
prophet who delivered a message to Eli, the high priest of Israel.
At the time, Eli was backslidden. The Lord had been speaking to
him, warning him against allowing sin and compromise. But Eli
had ignored all of God’s words. Now this unnamed prophet said
to Eli, “The Lord God of Israel saith, I said indeed that thy house,
and the house of thy father, should walk before me for ever: but
now the Lord saith, Be it far from me; for them that honour me I
will honour, and they that despise me shall be lightly esteemed”
(I Samuel 2:30).

The phrase “lightly esteemed” has to do with the lifting of God´s
presence. This does not mean a person is damned, but rather
that he will have to walk in the power of his own flesh. God was
telling Eli, “I intended to bless your house, to favor you. But you
have scorned me, becoming soft on sin and allowing your lusts
to push me aside. Now I will take My presence from you.”

Many people come to Christ with a great, initial burst of faith. Yet
over time their zeal wears thin, and they begin to neglect the Lord.
They “lightly esteem” His commands and turn back to their old,
sinful ways. Yet they still believe God’s presence remains with
them. But that is a lie, a delusion. The Bible makes it clear that
if you forsake Him, He will forsake you!

Joie Pirkey
Joie Pirkey
10 years ago

I posted the Wilkerson article above because I believe it speaks to two different elements prophesied in the series of words for the Valley. First that God will remove His presence from a group of people who will not seek Him nor allow Him His rightful place in their lives as in the CtR porphecy and that He is calling the church to get into the deep places of relationship with Him. In the dream here the people were running into the building towards the “tiled bathroom”. In a few previous dreams this tiled bathroom represented the intimate place with God where He reveals His presence. And I believe a big part of this dream is the warning but also the call to seek Him and know His presence so that we are safe from the attacks of the enemy.

10 years ago

I believe the cubs are children of Christ. In the FLESH, we want to run from a lion, but we should run to in the SPIRIT. IN the FLESH, we want to run to safety in the confines in a building, but in the SPIRIT we should not run to a building that is not stable. IN effect, reverse theology from what we first perceive things.
The women with babes are going through the motions, unaware that the Lion is near. The thin man is someone calling people to him, but the building has a weak foundation, and this is a warning that we should not listen to our flesh, but be keenly aware of the spirit.
Sometimes we need to sit idly by and learn from our children, and that they have no worries. My son told me he doesn’t worry at all, because he KNOWS mom and dad are there to take care of him.
THAT is TRUST in knowing your Father that we should have.

10 years ago

I have had two very similar dreams over the last 2 years that involve the same sequence/progression of events. I see some impending danger, tell people, no one listens or does anything, and then I focus on saving myself and my own family. There are many lines in this dream that resonated with me in the sense that I’ve see or felt the same things, some of it almost word for word. The last line especially. I woke up at the same point with the same feeling – knowing my children were safe even if I didn’t see them.

My interpretation is similar to Craig’s. I would point out though that the lion cubs are a distraction to what is really going on. People think they are cute and harmless, and while they are dangerous, the older lion is the one to watch out for. The sense of urgency is palpable. Time is running short and people must act quickly. The drum is a way to get people’s attention, but it’s not very effective. The tiled bathroom, the deepest, most inner part is the true sanctuary. Anyone there is safe. Those who are truly following God and abiding in His spirit will be spared. The rest of the structure/house will change, enough will be left standing to still provide shelter, but it will look different. The church is going to change. God is going to blow away the parts that don’t belong. Those who follow Him will be safe, but many will be left out in the open. Those outside are not aware of any real danger, they are outside of the “church” or on the fringe. Not totally committed, lukewarm or non-believers. You can’t save anyone who doesn’t want to listen or be saved. You can tell them and warn them, but it is ultimately their decision.

This of course is my own opinion and is only an interpretation. May God keep us safe and reveal His truth in the end.

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