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Elders of the Citadel Crash

This is a prophecy from 2014 that I was discussing with members of Wellspring at the Cross Church. I will post a screenshot of the original below.  But here is the main gist of that word and a discussion about it following:

I just had a split-second vision

Four brown horses were laying in the street all together not on top of each other but together, so no road could be seen between them. They were seriously injured but I saw no wounds. 
One seemed to have a thin strap of leather- black- a bridal. 
I could not see the entire scene but just a small square section of them from above. 
And it was over.
Later I was told that the horse with the bridal was Pastor Dave Vandehey.
That was the vision. Now to answer a few questions from the text string with those who were assisting me in interpretation, discernment and accountability. 
How did I know the horses were wounded?
They were laying on their sides and either near death or very exhausted, meaning lifeless and a bit flat. Not sure how to explain it.  Let’s just say that I knew they were seriously wounded.
A few odd things: the vision was in color and it lasted like a split second. As if I simply looked at the scene and then it was gone. 
With the flash of a vision came a deep grab of chest pain and then a sort of swoosh of blood/pain that permeated outward from my heart. I asked if my sickness had anything to do with it because it happened at the same time but got no answer. I asked if their happening at the same time was a coincidence. No answer. 
As I was about to fall asleep the pain resided, I rolled over and texted it to you guys actually fighting to stay awake to type it, and then thought of Tim Snell (not sure why if the horses are connected to him) and how

what he had done was so spiritually bad and then like a sort of “ope he’s in big trouble” moment and then fell asleep. All of that seemed like a dream.

About the street. I could not see the street. I could only see a square patch of vision like a frame- in the center of the pile of horses. I saw only parts of all four. Like ok here are four horses laying all over each other and from above them, a picture is taken but too close to get the entire situation in the frame. 
The previous horse’s dreams – visions are many. In the first one he told us that He would reveal more and more about the horses as time goes on. In the process, we know that the horses are elders. In some revelations, they are Ctr elders. In two they are CCV elders. They fall off the overpass and are very wounded, in some they are dead.
One horse screams very passionately before / while they are being hurt/destroyed. One lays down in the road, one is de-headed which is Bill.
These scenes are almost always seen in front of an overpass on a highway. 
They are leaders but not Pastors. They are elders. When I saw Bill as one I was told that he was the “head elder”. We checked on the CtR website and that actually is his title. 
So I agree it is leadership but not of Wellspring because I believe that them being horses also has repped the method of leadership constructed by man, that God was tearing down and also “horse and rider thrown into the sea” and horse and chariots from Egypt- meaning strength of men. 
When I see the horses I usually harken back to CtR because in the first horse vision I was told that the Lord would reveal more and more about this situation (the horses).
 Also, remember that visions usually are not interpreted but are explained by the Lord and are different from a dream. 
As I ask for meaning and why He sent this I get a foreboding. Some trouble is coming for CtR/CCV. Like not vengeance, but like oh, oh you guys are in trouble. That’s the faint feeling I have as I pray about it. 
Why did one have a black bridal- it was very thin- these horses were not free. It also signifies a particular person.  


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Ann Pavelski
Ann Pavelski
1 year ago

These are deep sayings, warnings. Leadership either repents, steps aside or loses their lives. The Lord has seen those handlers, in the church…misrepresenting Him to seekers. This is no time to delay, deny or hide. Just repent and agree with the Almighty Father. You might lose your life if you try to straighten out the Holy Ark. Hands off The Lord’s Church! Run to the Altar, seek His Mercy.

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