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Given Early September of 2004

Vision: I was troubled about what was going to happen when I began to share with a local church what God was asking me to tell them.  God had been speaking to me about the cost.  While I was praying about this the vision began.  I saw stars and the dove (the Holy Spirit).  I asked why I was so affected by the rejection of some of the leaders there.  His response was, “They are your body.  They have said ‘we have no need of you’.  I will lift you up.”  Shortly after the vision ended, as I prayed about this, I understood that it would be that very sentiment that would fuel the divisions of the dark night.  The body of Christ in the Fox Valley would divide for a plethora of reasons; however, ‘I have no need of you’ will be the heart issue.  God lead me to the scripture that is in I Cor. 12 where it states that we are all part of one body and that when we say we have no need of any member we are mistreating our own body.  Two things became very clear to me as I studied the scriptures that addressed the Body of Christ.  First, we as the honored members of the Body are not to say we have no need of an uncomely member.  Not only say it but live like it.  The second is if we are the member that is being rejected we are to stay submitted and united to that Body and it is God who will lift us up.


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