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The Security Guard is from Fodey, the company that hired Douglas.
Douglas all pretty and ready for Church! and Donna the guard!

When Douglas first arrived in Kigali his new boss, Zeb and he drove to many of the different neighborhoods in the city.  This house in Gacuriro was just being built and they loved these big white two-story houses.  Google says that, “Gacuriro is an affluent neighborhood in Kigali Rwanda. It’s considered Kigali’s answer to suburbia, with many similar two-level buildings of different sizes.”  Douglas had to wear a hat to protect his face from the sun.  Muzungus burn easily.  

The house was well situated.  Less than a mile from the school that the kids attended and a thoroughfare of people and business.  Every morning women would come from the fields carrying different fruits and vegetables to sell down town.  I had an arrangement with some of them to drop off the best pineapple, the ripest mangos, a bunch of tomatoes in the morning on their way. We love living here!


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