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dove_enahnced Just before midnight on September 30th, 2001 I had a vision that dramatically changed the course of my life. I had been critically ill after suffering two heart attacks caused by a condition called Coronary Vaso Spasm. With no hope for recovery and seemingly little time left, the vision began. I saw a dove, made of white light, flying above me. There were stars in the background and rays of light emanating from the dove, forming a crosshatched pattern. The dove, who was the Holy Spirit, told me in an audible voice that He was going to give me a message for the church. The main point of the message was that God is calling His church to create. The vision lasted for an hour and forty minutes. At the end I was healed. He told me that He was going to heal me to prove that the message was true and from Him. After the miraculous healing, I felt compelled to draw what I saw in the vision. The logo for Shouts of Joy Ministries is a very small replica of the original drawing that I did shortly after returning from Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN with a bill of perfect health!


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