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Created to Create

Last Sunday I preached a sermon titled “Created to Create”.  The main message was that we were created to build the Kingdom but not by working without inspiration.  We were to be capturing inspiration that comes from the Holy Spirit and then working to express that inspiration through the ways that the Lord has gifted us to do.  This is our good works from God.

This afternoon my sister Robin and Cindy LeBelle were visiting me.  We were discussing the sermon from last week and they were excited because a Prophet they had been listening to was hearing similar things from the Lord and they wanted me to hear a short segment of what he prophesied yesterday.

I only heard a few sentences but he was saying something about hearing the Holy Spirit moving and that as He was coming he could hear a beat. He started to stomp his foot in a specific rhythm.  He only stomped a few times but something hit me.  And hit me hard.  The beat that he was stomping out and the drummer in the worship band picked up and joined in, was the same rhythm or timing that the Holy Spirit has when He speaks to me in visions.  You may have heard me talk about the timing of the Holy Spirit and that it is slower than the quick way my mind works.  As I acknowledged this out loud and started to explain I saw a sort of thick wave come up from the floor and go over Cindy.  She simultaneously started to worship.  Loudly.  She even popped up out of her chair.  I think somehow the video of the Prophet speaking stopped but she kept going and at the same time, Robin also jumped up and started saying something while moving her extended arms about. 

It's Here!

I watched the Holy Spirit and could see Him clearly.  He was much thicker than usual, for lack of a better way to describe it, as He flowed over Cindy. Then He enveloped Robin as she stood and moved towards us. Then He rushed over the top of me.  As He wooshed over me I sort of fell apart.  I didn’t know what to say and I honestly got kind of afraid.  I could feel, as He went over me, that He could suck me right up into whatever He was doing.    But I physically jolted back and pulled away because I was surprised and thrown off-kilter.  Robin and Cindy were half laughing and both talking at the same time and I was trying to calm things down because it was actually affecting me physically.  It was gone in a second but immediately I asked the Lord what that was and He said out loud “It’s here.”

Blue Orb/Angel

I knew He meant the outpouring that He has been telling us about for over a decade.  He has recently been showing us that it was very close.

This morning I had posted in a Group in Messanger that discusses prophecies and revelations in our church that the past three days I had seen a bright blue angel which I very rarely see.  And each time in the past something significant happened when I would see them. So I asked the group to be praying about it.  When Robin popped over she mentioned that oddly enough she also had also seen one this morning and was thinking about it because of my post.  Then the Holy Spirit showed up in this powerful way.

Douglas pointing at angels in Rwanda.

Time to Swim

For days this past week, I had been hearing from the Lord about my sermon this Sunday.  He wants me to preach about “swimming”.  It is a term that He has been speaking about for a few years.  When the outpouring would finally come the “wave” would knock believers off their feet who were not calibrated under the headship of Jesus.  It would become very uncomfortable, even threatening their spirituality.  And for nonbelievers, it would be terrible because it would expose so, so much corruption.  Believers who were standing firm in the armor of God, under His headship would “swim” during this time, going with the flow of the Holy Spirit wherever He wants them to go. This would be a blast for them even while others were flipping out over all of the corruption being exposed and all that that would entail.

This is what happened today. 

And for me, it is a day I will not forget.  Something has changed, a paradigm shift has occurred in the Spirit.  And I am sober and still and serious tonight wondering what is about to break out on us all.  I plan to meet with Cindy and Douglas tomorrow to discuss this and to pray together. And then preach this Sunday about “Swimming”.  I intend to be seeking the Holy Spirit fervently and allowing Him to move in any way He wants. I can not wait!

I’ll keep you posted.


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Mary Jo
Mary Jo
2 years ago

Hahaha 🥰 Sunday during worship I heard Joy! Have Joy! Then what came to mind is sorrow may last for the night, but Joy comes in the morning. The night is over!!!! 💕💖💕

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