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Grizzly Bear

The entire night was a struggle because I kept having the exact same disconcerting dream.  I was trying to avoid remembering it and after the third time I knew as I woke up that it was from the Lord, that facing it would include prophesying, and that it would bring some trouble from the Church. The fifth time I sat up and wrote it down.  Immediately after I typed it out the Lord gave me the interpretation.

A Bear on the Compound

I was on a compound with a number of buildings that I did not recognize but I knew to be affiliated with the Church.  It was late in the night in the dream and the compound had large white lights illuminating the grounds.  I walked from one building to another passing by what looked to be a kind of garden.  I say garden not because I saw any plants but there was a fine silver wire that someone had staked a foot or so off the ground in a square, like a gardener might do before they constructed a small fence to keep the rabbits out. I walked past it to “the church”, or what seemed to be the main building where services were held.  As I walked in I knew there were a number of people inside that I didn’t recognize but knew were Christians. 

As I walked into the bigger building, I noticed something coming out of the darkness and onto the compound. I was a bit frightened so I closed the door quickly behind me and looked back out of the window.  A very large black bear slowly made his way onto the grounds and walked into the middle of the square outlined with the wire.  People gathered around me and looked out amazed that the bear just walked out into the light.  Just then five or six kids dashed out of the same building that I had just come from.  They seemed to be no older than twelve years and no younger than eight.  They saw the bear and walked right up to it.

I could tell that they believed that the little fine wire in the shape of a square was some sort of cage, maybe an electrical fence, because they seemed interested in the bear and completely unaware of the danger.  I was panicking because obviously the bear was wild, ferocious and able to easily maul them even though to them it looked to be sitting in some sort of zoo.  I was immediately horrified and threw open the door. 

The nearby Christians grabbed me and pulled me back into the safe building saying not to go out, that it was dangerous.  They were frantic when I opened the door, not about the danger of the children but seemingly for me leaving the building.

I broke away from them thinking, what in the world kind of people were they, that they would stay in the building and watch children be mauled by this bear.  As I ran toward it, I was thinking ‘oh no I don’t remember hearing how to deal with a wild bear.  Do I get as big as possible and yell or do I play dead or not look it in the eyes?’  Nothing came to mind but I was completely  confident that once I got the bears attention I would be able to deal with it and create a safe way out for these kids.

I raised my arms and yelled at the bear.  It slowly looked over at me.  I taunted it as I charged and it moved off its hind legs.  As I got closer the stunned children were looking at me totally confused.  I yelled as intensely as I could “RUN!”  and they all took off running back towards the other building they came from.  For a moment the bear looked back at them but I continued to charge and yell. The kids were closer to the door now and the bear stood up. I was very relieved that it had turned its attention back to me.  I was not afraid at all in the dream and somehow was assured that I would know what to do with it as it approached and woke up.


When I woke up for the fifth time, the fifth time, I yielded to what I knew was going on and sat up and wrote this out on my phone.  I laid back down thinking the details through again and the Lord gave me the interpretation.

The compound is Rawhide Boys Ranch. The building that I was leaving and walking away from was the actual ranch. The building I entered was the Church in this region.  The bear was the spirit of the age, the enemy, and how he is working in our current culture and now recently in Rawhide.

The enemy is manifested in Rawhide’s recent move to allow transitioning females and or females identifying as males into the program, living with the boys in the group homes; teaching the Christian staff that it is not Christ like to help these kids by the power of the Holy Spirit to have their sexuality conform to Christ’s headship.

According to the dream some Christians in the area are of the mindset to stay in the walls of the Church where they feel safe from the effects of this onslaught, literally allowing the enemy to consume these young, broken and vulnerable children. Some will go so far as to try to impede me from trying to deal with the bear and keep the kids safe. The spirit of the age is a tricky liar, calling evil good and good evil, and many in the Church are buying it.

How To Charge The Bear?

So, how to charge the bear?  First, according to the dream, call it out, get its attention, let the kids know that they are in danger and fight. 

I have been asking the Lord exactly how to do this. 

For days I have been praying for the girls who have been so deeply wounded that they have been confused about who they are at such a fundamental level.  I have been praying for those who maybe have body dysphoria, or who have been sexually abused, or who have been so terribly mistreated that they are needing Christ to help know who they really are. 

Dear Lord, please help those who may be trapped in this vortex, sealed in by the cultures need to keep them there.

Then I spent days praying for the brand new Christian believers, born again on the Ranch who are fighting everything they were raised in to find love and a livable life.  I have worked with kids professionally like those at Rawhide and know that only Christ can really transform and redeem what the enemy has stolen from them. How will they understand Rawhides separation from the Word of God after finding Christ there?

Who Did This and Why?

This morning the Lord asked me to share the dream today.  As if this particular day is important.  With the posting of the dream I feel led to ask who exactly is on the Board of Directors at Rawhide?  Who made these choices and why? What churches do they attend and what do their Pastors say about this move?  Will the Body of Christ in the Valley and the New London area simply watch from their ‘buildings’ as this Board of Directors and conforming Staff allow the enemy to spiritually wound these children?


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craig doriot
craig doriot
4 years ago

we are told to avoid those who “hold a form of godliness” but deny the power of God.

Many churches and now Rawhide have been victimized by their own fleshly sense of justice. They have conceded to the world that God, in his short-sightedness, did not adequately account for LGBTPQ+, and thus a new justice must be created to rectify the failings of God as expressed in the bible and subsequently, the church.

This new system must rescue people from the meanness of the biblical God and the church, who are holding onto the “old ways” of doing things. They convince themselves that “if God were around today, he would agree, but He isnt, so we have to use our own judgment”.

They have effectively conceded that the power of God only exists on some theoretical level, and that He isnt the very same God that judges such dangerous ways harshly.

Matt 18:6 but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.

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