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Vision from the Lord – Softening Hearts and Stirring of Angels

Jan. 8

“He is showing me that we are in His hands. Sometimes He takes us in His hands and He lifts us up and He is just sort of looking at us like you would look at a little baby. He just lifts us up and looks at us and He does this with His children; He does this with His plans; He does this with His little like, uhm, plans. He kept showing me that and showing me that, and I’m like, ‘God I don’t understand’. It’s like He likes His children; He likes His anointing; He likes His plans; and they’re all sort of one thing and He likes to just look at them. And that’s, I feel, like what He was doing with us; He was just sort of looking at us and just sort of lifting us up like you would with a baby, and keep looking at it and just be happy about it. And it’s like that’s where we are right now. And I don’t know if you have this experience but when you have a father that just really delights in you and adores you, there’s no other feeling than when your own father adores you like that. And it’s like that but way more. That’s what He is showing me.

The spiritual attack that he has been telling us about is not like big demons are going to show up in your house. The spiritual attack that we are experiencing now is the demons that follow us around and watch us, consistently through our lives. It’s everyone, no matter how holy or evil you are, you have these; there’s angels and demons around; and they’re watching. And they watch where you’re weak. They watch what you give in to. They watch where your standards are low, and that’s where they’re poking around at right now. So to fight the enemy and to war, is to watch the areas of your life that you are just sort of letting go, just sort of doing, not really looking. If it’s like temptation with eating or drinking – oh just a little bit, just a little bit, just a little bit, do just a little bit, He wants you to shear up. It’s the same with like sex before marriage. Oh we can go this far. Shear it up. Don’t get into anything that would be even remotely tempting. Flee temptation. If you like to distance yourself from your husband, stay safe; don’t allow distance. If you like to isolate yourself from your friends to just not have to deal with things for a while, do not isolate. If you like to slip into depression so not a lot is expected of you, do not slip into depression. Don’t let yourself go. Now is a time to step up and fight. Now is a time to maintain; to lean on the fundamentals of living; the things that you know fundamentally to do, do. And do well. Engage your passion in pushing forward. Because now is the time for pushing forward. That’s what the Lord is saying

Many more people are going to start coming to the House of Prayer. We are going to quickly grow quickly and when we quickly grow quickly, we have to remember not to allow new people to bring in a new culture. But we have to maintain who we are, and we have to maintain what the Lord has taught us. It’s not a time for stepping back; it’s a time for stepping up. And so we all have our part. We all have noticed different things. We all have had concerns with different things. God has been speaking to us all on different things. And we need to maintain that. It’s not that the Lord has created culture; it’s that the Lord is doing a new work and it looks different and we cannot allow it to look or to be – what’s the word? – cater. He keeps saying “cater” but I don’t understand why He is saying “cater”. I guess we cater to people, new people, and we are not supposed to cater to them.

Now I’m seeing that river again. I keep seeing like this shoot out of a river, the beginning of a river. Oh, here’s another thing. Mindy, the new song you’re talking about. There are new songs coming, but from multiple people. You’ll get new songs; Tess will get new songs; Bobby will get new songs; Aaron will be able to play for the lyrics. He’ll all of a sudden get the music and then someone else will come with the words. And this is going to be really stirring up now because new music is going to come out of all of this, and He was telling me this before, and He is saying it again, that He wants us to sing about the river; the whole water thing. Let it rain, the water, the flood, the waves, the river. It’s all really about the Living Water and for those who are thirsty. And here I got another demon and let’s see what is this about now. OK, when you get these songs, you guys, this is not a time to hold back, or to think it over, or to be a perfectionist. This is a time to just get them out there; to share them with the group, record them, use them, sing them. It’s not a time to hold back at all. This will be the enemy’s ploy, each one of you, and I know all of you, that the enemy will try to keep you from sharing these things but this is the Lord. The Lord is giving you these songs and He is calling you to sing them.

Now I’m seeing a big angel again; he’s like waving his wings. These are golden. I’ve seen these before. These are warring angels. Are you writing this down Michelle? (Michelle said “Taping it.”) They are like swirling up; billowing angels. He’s stoking us up. Two now. From two different sides. How come I only see angels with one set of wings? Now there are three angels. Now one changed direction. Ok, now they’re all three in different directions. Mindy, this one’s for you. They’re going in all different directions because this is how clouds, this is how the storm formation is before a tornado. These clouds are coming and they’re coming in different directions. And then when they get together in the pattern they are supposed to be in, it will work in one direction, like a swirling direction. Gosh I wish you guys could see this. (Mary Jo says “Me too” and Michael says “So do I”.) Could Michael and Mary Jo please see this? Ok, it’s like um. Ok, this is going to get messy before it gets, ah, like shiny. It’s going to get messy in the Valley before it gets full of Glory.

Now He is saying this again. Clap your hands all ye people, shout unto God with the voice of triumph. Clap your hands all ye people, shout unto God with the voice of praise. This praise is going to be also in the streets. He spoke to you, Bobby, about this praising in the streets. Aaron, Tess, this will be in the streets; actually on Main Street in Little Chute. People are going to gather around in front. People are going to feel the Holy Spirit and be like, “What?” They didn’t even realize that was supposed to be in church. Then He’s going to expand them, um, expand them, and make room for the Holy Spirit. Their souls are like this; they can’t hold the Holy Spirit yet. And he has to expand them and then baptize them. And the singing will help expand them, help lead them to Christ.

And the billowing angels. Oh, I wish you guys could see this. They are really doing things. And they’re all like goldenly yellow. That’s a different color than usual. There’s a lot about the soul He wants to say; a lot about piercing the soul; the hardness of the soul; the hardness of the heart. He has to make soft the heart. He has to make soft the soul. Then He can pierce the heart. When He pierces the heart, He can expand the soul. Expand the soul for more. To take more; to experience more; to feel more; to know more. He wants to reveal more, but He has to pierce the soul. There are so many that the soul is like hard; the heart is hard; they have been hurt; they have been mistreated; they have been abandoned, and they have survived by hardening the soul. And when He can plow up that heart and soften that heart, it’s for the purpose of piercing the soul so that He can expand it. He cannot expand something that’s hard without cracking it. He has to soften it up. Just like the ground. You have to till up the ground so it’s soft so it can absorb water. If you rain on hard ground, if the rain comes on hard ground, it pools and it goes away. If the ground is tilled, it soaks in and it can give life; it can be used. It’s the same with the heart. If our hearts are hard, living water doesn’t absorb into the heart. And so many, many, many, many hearts are hard.

The whole thing is about His people. If He can have fellowship with His people, He can have communion with His people, then His joy is complete. Then our joy is complete. Then His joy is complete. And when we see it that His people, we see it a million people from generation to generation. But when He sees His people, He sees all and He sees one. He sees a body and He sees a cell. And the body and the cell, it’s the same. If one person; if a million people; it’s the same for God. His thoughts on this are not the same as our thoughts. So if you have a hard heart, then you are the one and your heart is hard.

Some people say “Why don’t I go to church? I cry. I don’t want to go to church. I cry.” That’s God softening the heart. Crying for no reason. Now He’s showing me angels bring this kind of thing. When you’re in church and you have this sensation to cry, don’t harden but allow it to come. This feeling or this thing that is happening, it’s not a feeling, it’s actually doing something spiritual, this little like shot of spiritual cry juice, my own words, are coming from angels that bring that. That’s ministering. They are ministering to our hearts. And we feel it and it comes in tears. So don’t harden, but receive it. Receive it. It is softening your heart.

Now He’s saying let your light so shine upon the earth.

Then He said to Michael that, He’s saying that the cock is crowing. And now He said remember the cock is actually a bird.

Blow the trumpet in Zion. Call a solemn assembly. Declare a fast. The time is upon you. His print is upon us. His seal is upon us. His signet ring. Now He’s showing me His hand and He’s saying “You’re in my hand, you’re in my hand, you’re in my hand.” He keeps doing it. “And I have you lifted up and I am looking at you.”

He’s telling us we as a group are supposed to be kind to Tricia. He’s saying that kindness is like the balm of Gilead. Kindness is… (Joie started laughing.) I have prejudices I can’t get past, not against you Tricia but against some of the ways He talks the phrase “Balm of Gilead”.

Ok, now He’s showing me like there is a big sort of divide. It’s like above us is like the spiritual realm and big angels are sort of waiting at the bottom of that realm. And when we worship we pull that down like a little cone and we reach up in our hearts toward that cone and when we make that connection then there can be communion; there can be intercourse, and I don’t mean sex. There can be like engaging, um, yeah, you know what I mean. (Michael asked “spiritual intimacy?”) Yeah, intimacy, but He’s like saying like then He can engage us. No, He’s saying intercourse is the right word. So you have to look that up. We’ve done this before. He’s talked about this before. Lots of angels. Holy mackerel.

I asked what is going on. He said “The cap of the nighttime.” Remember the river bed? It is part of the river bed. Hold on. Hold. Hold. Hold. That’s where you are. And He’s saying “Cindy, remember this?” Look to the hills. And they will go out with joy and be led forth with peace. And the mountains and the field will break forth before them. And the trees of the field will clap their hands. And they will go out with joy, be led forth with peace and the mountain and the hills will break forth before them. That’s it. Look to the hills. Praising. Praising.”


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Michelle Combs
Michelle Combs
16 years ago

Wow. wow. This was a very good and powerful Word. Thank you for sharing this. I know it is a now word. most of the words and things Iv’e been hearing in the last few days have so much to do with the New song, the hard hearts, and then to here about the intercourse, this just hit so close to home. It’s amazing . God is amazing.

16 years ago

The songs coming forth, reminds me. When i was at the house of prayer last wed, while Mindy was praying , words likes a verse in a song come to mind. It was
” turn, turn, turn my people… turn to the Heart of God, turn to the Heart of God…” “turn, turn, turn, all ye people, turn to the Heart of God,turn to the Heart of God.”
It felt like a prayer and a song at the same time. Just thought i ought to share it, and the fact that i had no knowledge of what you and the prayer group have been going through. Maybe i am not as far out of the loop as i think i am. What do you think?

Joie Pirkey
Joie Pirkey
16 years ago

Yeah, that’s exactly it! Now you have to dig deep and sing it!!!!!

christina king
christina king
15 years ago

We need to get together. Are you talking about bobby the singer bobby? If so we reallllllly need to talk.

When can we meet?

I am praying God brings us discernment.

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