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Red Moon Rising ~ Vision from 2009


People keep asking me about these red moons because I had a vision about 4 red moons rising on December 10th 2009. There were quite a few people praying with me when it happened and one person wrote down verbatim what I was saying so the language is a bit odd but here are two segments about the red moons:

10 December 2009
At a prayer meeting at my house

The vision began with seeing a red ball.

Red moon rising; red moon rising. It rose up into a layer of thick clouds and it started to push up through the cloud like breaking the covering over the top of us. I am coming with fire (3 times)
asked “What is this fire?” The fire is the truth, the truth that will set you free.

As it pushed through the covering that he is pushing through. The covering is the demonic sort of hold that is on the area; the red moon rising first breaks through that. It is the truth that will set you free (3 times).

Red Moon Rising (2 times). The more the time passes (as the time is being spent) and the closer we get to the end, the red moon rises. As the red moon rises, the enemy gets thicker so we can see him and the truth gets clearer. And there is then an obvious difference which is why the enemy is trying to mix truth with lies so we can’t see the difference but somehow God is using that to plan to rise up what the actual truth is and the contrast to that will be the whole truth and not the diluted truth. We will begin to see the difference.

The red moon rising is already touching the barrier. This truth has to be baptized with fire and then the fire will push through the stronghold. “the truth will set you free.”
Red Moon rising. For the future, He wants us to understand that Red Moon rising is how He is saying the truth is coming out clearer; the truth is rising up; like when the stick was raised up where everyone had to look. He is raising up the truth and those who look to the truth will be safe.

There will be a war cry. It will pulse out like a pulsar. The war cry will go out like a pulsar. Isa 62. It pushes back the enemy. It breaks through the stronghold. I see billowing angels, warring angels, that are stoking it up . I have told you about this before; I have showed you this before.

Be obedient and stay out of the mind of your flesh and get into the mind of Christ. We are to take on the mind of Christ. WHICH WILL OFFEND THE FLESH! The mind of Christ will offend the flesh. And for the people who go around not wanting to be offended, what does that say about them? That they are in the flesh? No man can come out of the flesh but through repentance. He has to humble himself AND TAKE UP HIS CROSS. So you call them with the truth. You call them to repentance with the truth. Now you have a choice. My Spirit works on them, Cindy prays for them, and we pray for them. Don’t do it like this (grab with fist) do it like this (open palm up). To Cindy: They are not your agenda; My will is your agenda, and I will have My way and they are part of My way. And I will purify My bride and I will have My bride on that day.


screen-shot-2014-04-09-at-12-30-27-pmI have thoughts about it. But want to say that the timing is referring to the dark night over the Fox Valley. I took parts out because specific people were mentioned. Just interesting because I was discussing how easily it is to avoid the truth in situations and ignore it but that God doesn’t let up, he continues to give us a check in our spirit about certain things. I think it’s time to pay attention to those checks. Along with the I don’t know if the four red moons he mentioned in this vision and two other visions are the red moons that are happening now. I only searched the vision from my files because Craig had mentioned the burning ring of fire rising and that event happened on the day the fire ring was in the sky. Just interesting.

Screen shot of emailed prophecy to obtain date


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Craig Doriot
Craig Doriot
1 year ago

This is coming into focus right now as we are about to get our next red moon during the morning of election day in 2022 (Tuesday, Nov 8).
Many have pointed to this date as the beginning of the correction coming for the swamp in Washington DC, because there will be a conservative congress with a referendum to deal with the corruption.
And now there are articles being written about “Red Moon Rising” (see Breitbart), which is the title of this prophecy.

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