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Late July 2006 Vision

End of July 2006 (Last Sunday Randy was in a CCV service)

I saw in a vision, what the Lord said was a Pulsar. He said the soul fused with the word of God.

Then this pulsar comes out of the center. Light blasting from the Center.

I saw a little demon.

God said “The first piece has been laid. This is the last Sunday. This is the start. Tim, you have to get the demon out the side door”

He is referring to the demon from CTR, it’s on Tammy E.
John Setzer is causing some kind of trouble. Greg will see – John will move away.

The trembling, the trembling are the CTR elders. They are the horses. (trembling: to be affected by fear or doubt for the safety of another)

Light is piercing. Their darkness is getting thicker, soon shall fall – this house shall fall because it’s corrupt from within.

The pulsar arises when demons leaves – turning into an arch.
These are saints rejoicing unified, with one voice calling into the darkness, “come”.

Don’t forget about St Louis. ( in a previous vision the Lord said that the outpouring would begin in Saint Louis before it came here in Wisconsin).

Your brother (Mindy’s brother, Mike) is delivered. The renewing of his mind is being done. His light will shine in the darkness.

North Korea – Joie saw a large angel over him and the Holy Spirit said “ I will comfort him – he gave up – stopped trying to fell – stopped caring. I
will restore him. In the upper right corner, I have given him joy.” God is enlarging his

Tell Pete (Garretson) the honey is coming.

Then the HS said “The right side is driven in”
Sandy’s heart cries – weep for Sandy – I will turn your sorrow into joy.

I’m teaching Zeb – I’m stirring Zeb up.

Randy wont’ be in the service again.


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