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Given Winter of 2002

I had a dream that I was running in and out of houses down the length of what seemed to be a beach.  I was actually going into people’s homes and telling them that this big flooding wave was coming.  There was a lot of urgency.  Some people did not believe me.  I specifically remember a white house with a long porch that ran the length of the house.  No one was home when I arrived and I was feeling apprehension about why I was in there without them knowing.  At that moment in the dream I realized that I was having a dream from God. I walked outside and down towards the water.  The water seemed calm. The sun was just beginning to sink in the horizon. I went to the next house and no one was there either.  I ran to the next house and again, no one.  Something is wrong with the people.  Then I woke up.

As I was praying about this dream I was specifically asking about this flooding wave that was coming.  “The houses are divided”, the Lord told me.  I wasn’t sure at this time what He meant but got this strong sense that He was speaking about the church.  The fact that it was twilight in the dream was significant.  Night was coming and a dark time was about to hit the churches.


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