At the House of Prayer, a group that meets twice a week to pray solely for the Outpouring of the Spirit that is coming to the Fox Valley, Tess, one of our members received this word from the Lord.  I thought that it was very pertinent and sent it out to the other House of Prayer members on Jan. 17th.  I am feeling a strong unction to post it here because I believe that it is for the entire Valley especially in these next few weeks to come.

“The Holy Spirit brings out offense in the heart that is turned away. Holiness offends sin.”

“How will we respond?”

“This purging, this burning- things are going to get worse before they get better. Remember what seems like a curse to most is a blessing to those who are in His Will. Many will curse those who are in His Will during this burning- this is because it’s not only the sin in their lives that needs to be purged, but also the sin that is in ours. These curses will bring out heart attitudes that we were unaware we harbored. Will our response be repentance?”

“God is looking for broken vessels for His glory to shine through. It is these vessels that bear true witness to His magnitude- these will be the testimony, the living proof. These will bring upon the rain.”


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