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Worship Freely! (Rwanda to Fox Valley)

worship 1 When I had the first vision about Rwanda, I was told that God was going to stitch this small nation with Wisconsin. (To read more about that word, see “Africa?”) In doing so, He said that we as Wisconsinites would bring trust to Rwanda, and the Rwandese would bring the ability to worship freely as an act of spiritual warfare to Wisconsin. Many Rwandans have come since 2005 to sew into our area. As many of you know Immaculee Ilabigwiza, author of the bestselling book “Left to Tell”, was just here in early May speaking about faith and forgiveness. Pastor Mukwiza, Darius, and Eric Irivuzumugabe have also been here in the past five years under amazing circumstances delivering powerful messages for our region.

Another Rwandan that the Lord has been speaking to me about is Miss Gabi Kamanzi. Douglas and I met Gabi on our second trip to Rwanda. She is one of the Worship Leaders at the Restoration Church in Kigali which is our home church when we are in Africa. On the second trip I didn’t have the opportunity to actually sit down and speak to Gabi but the Lord kept pointing her out to me as we attended a number of services where she was leading worship.

worship 3On the third trip to Rwanda Eric introduced us, and Gabi came to our apartment to share at length her call to worship and her testimony. The insight that she had was very powerful. The specific things that God showed her as he raised her up to lead worship were having a deep impact on me especially after hearing the “worship freely” part of the vision when the Lord healed me. So, we are bringing Gabi to the Fox Valley because He wants to use her call and anointing for worship to deeply impact the people of Wisconsin.

worship 4We have invited Gabi to come in the first week of July and stay until the first week of August. Christ’s Church of the Valley Youth Group, called Underground, will be co-hosting a youth worship conference on Saturday, July 25th. We will be holding a seminar on worship as well. Many things are in the planning stage and as soon as we raise enough money for Gabi’s ticket we will be able to firm up the events and begin to promote them. We already have a place for Gabi to stay, and funds to feed her and get her around. What we need yet is the money for the plane ticket and also some start up money for the conferences. We are looking to raise at least $3,000.00.

worship 2One project that we have already begun to work on is to have Gabi professionally record a number of Christian worship songs in English and Kinyarwanda. This CD will be used to raise funds here in the U.S. but also we will be making a number of them for Gabi to bring back and distribute to the orphans. This will be a great way to minister, teach, and bring into worship so many hurting young orphans in Rwanda.

Please pray about giving. I believe that having Gabi here is a strategic event planned by the Lord to assist us here in the Valley to grab hold of the freedom that we have in Christ and “WORSHIP FREELY!”

If you are interested in giving specifically to the needs of the orphans in Rwanda, simply make a note in the memo section of your check or the “Purpose” field in PayPal and we will be sure to use it as you have directed.


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