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Christ the Rock Church / Joie Pirkey Discernment Process: Part 1
Years after the investigation by church Elders, their set of private files was given to me. These files contained never-published documentation that were compiled into what I call the "Blue Book".

The Summary of "The Blue Book"

“The Blue Book” is basically a set of detailed files kept by Pastor Tim Snell, printed and bound with a blue cover. It is a chronological record of meetings and correspondences that transpired in the discernment process of prophecies given to Christ the Rock Community Church (CtR) and the Fox Valley. 

A large percentage of these prophecies have been posted on my blog but the “Blue Book” has specific prophetic words that chronicle from start to finish what was prophesied and when, how it was handled, and what happened between the leadership of CCV and CtR.

The majority of “The Blue Book” has never been published, even though it is intrinsic to the testimony of what the Lord has done here in the Valley.   It has notes from interviews that were kept quiet and shared only with the leadership of both churches.  There are notes from meetings, interviews with witnesses, and copies of letters written to and from the church leadership.

From the very beginning, the Lord had told me that He was building a testimony about the Western Church needing to repent from the Seeker-Sensitive, Corporation-type structures built under the headship of people that needed to be cleaned out of the Body of Christ.  He was and is calling us all to repent of not allowing Him to be the Head and He said that CtR would be an example for the world of how this type of church structure would end.  He often called this type of church “the Citadel”. 

In this past year, He has been moving me to expose the truth about it all.  I have been posting the prophecies individually, but now it is time to tell the rest of the story.  Tim’s files do just that.  And the Lord has asked me to post them now.    I have redacted only the names and comments of abused people.  Everything else stays.

I am very aware that this is one side of the story with notes and correspondence from a number of others. But it is the information that was put into the file and I am being told to post it. 

I will add notes that I think are important to the story after each post.  I think there will be 5 tranches of files dropped and I intend to post another section every day until the entire “Blue Book” is posted.

I am open to hearing other perspectives.  I am in no way trying to lead anyone to believe that I did nothing wrong throughout all of this.  I was shocked as the prophecies came to me, very frightened and worried as to their implications for others, and had absolutely no teaching or history of how to handle such things.  And to be fair, neither did the leadership.  I did know that these prophecies would cause me trouble and they have, decades of it.  I am deeply hoping to apologize for any aspect, big or small, that I got wrong.  But I can tell you honestly that I did the very best I knew how in the moment.  In hindsight, I find myself wondering what in the world I was thinking when I actually took parts of prophecies out and refrained from telling some simply because my Pastor and Elders asked me to.  I would not do that today.  But I will post screenshots of correspondence and original words when those situations arose.  

I am going to try to keep this as clean as possible because I am understanding the gravity of it all and how important it is to get this testimony right.  I am going to, once again, trust the Lord in it because I am certain that He loves each of us far more than I can imagine and He knows what we need. 

Let me say here that if it was really my intent to “attack” this poor church I would have posted the prophecies right away and the proof that they were coming to pass immediately.  But for me, this has never been about me. And since I have obeyed from the first day, I will obey to the last! 

I want God’s will and He is calling us to repent.  So, here we go…

The CtR Files

Below are screenshots of the actual files.  I’ll add notes below the post they pertain to. Some of the documents can be linked for reference if people want to see them.  I am linking some and not posting them to keep continuity. You will see notes scribbled on some of the documents; those were Pastor Tim’s notes as he went through these files. The highlighted sections are also his.

I will be posting the next section each day until the entire “Blue Book” is here and will title them Part 1, 2, 3, etc. in order.

If you have any comments or questions I am going to leave the ability to be anonymous for these posts and I will post all comments unless they are trolls or spam. I think people that are interested should have as much of the story as possible.

Note: Devil Comes Into the Church

The Lord had told me that the person in the cooler-shaped cube was Bill Lenz but Tim did not want me to say that in public.  A man in our church felt that it was him because of what he was going through so Tim decided to keep that piece out of the public record.  But people knew that the Lord had said that it was Bill.  

Christ the Rock Prophecies Explained

In dream #2 Jan Dies, regarding Tim Stephani and I meeting Bill in the foyer of the church and Bill having “no remorse”.  I simply used the wrong word here.  Remorse indicates guilt and that was not what I meant.  I meant that he wasn’t showing any grief. And in the end, it was because he was told about Jan earlier and had not heard it when we did.

#6 Heart Attacks:

I think this is funny so I thought I would fill you in.  The word in all caps OWIE was originally put there as a placeholder that I would notice and come back to explain a bit.  Needless to say, I didn’t catch it. And I think it’s funny that I chose OWIE, lol.

Note: You will see me saying in these documents “to the best of my ability…” when I am trying to remember different events and details because some of these documents were requested years after they occurred.  I had written down actual prophecies and dated them but through the process, details were being asked that I wasn’t certain about.  General timelines were asked for, surrounding details of events, who said what when etc.  Later these side notes and context were taken as the actual prophecies which were beyond my ability to explain because I was not being asked or invited into the discernment process after the first few meetings.

The Conclusion of the Discernment Process

Dark Night Prophecies Summary Email to Elders


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Douglas Pirkey
Douglas Pirkey
1 year ago

I really appreciate the excellent chronicling by Tim Snell. This record shows a serious and objective process of pastoral oversight. God bless the prophetess for her perseverance (Revelation 1. 9).

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